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HP Indigo Cannabis Labels

HP Indigo print capabilities can help you and your label customers meet a number of challenges unique to the cannabis industry.

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Mobile Citation Printing Supplies

Municipalities and parking authorities looking to streamline and economize their citation processes are increasingly looking to mobile parking citation printing, or ecitations. Learn more about the benefits and supplies needed for mobile citations.

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Outdoor Labels

Outdoor labels need to withstand a mix of wind, sun and rain, as well as extreme heat, cold or both. Learn more about the effects that the outdoors can have on labels, what you can do to help minimize these effects, and what types of companies depend on outdoor labels.

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Sustainable Label Production

To appeal to larger brands and environmentally conscious consumers, you should look for sustainable suppliers. DLS takes several key steps to ensure the sustainability of our label production.

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Ten Benefits of Partnering with DLS

Why should you choose DLS? When you work with DLS, you get more than just a label supplier, you get a partner. Our motto is "We only succeed when you do." This means that we do everything we can to help you succeed—by providing the tools and services you need to sell more labels. Want to learn more? We've created this brief video highlighting 10 Benefits of Working with DLS.

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Healthcare Labels - Key Communication for Patient Safety

Labels play an extremely important role in medical facilities. A wide variety of label types can help to organize workflow and improve efficiency; secure and track patient documents, medication and specimens; comply with regulatory requirements; and reduce errors to enhance patient safety.

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Warehouse Label Installation Outsourcing

Seven reasons to outsource warehouse label installation and use a professional warehouse label installation like DLSwarehouse.

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Vinyl Label Tape - A Durable Alternative

Vinyl label tape is a durable label choice for industrial, commercial, or manufacturing label applications including labels, signs, tags or identification in a harsh environment. Learn more about the ways your customers can benefit from this versatile material.

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HP Indigo Benefits

We continue to be impressed with the capabilities of our HP Indigo 6900. Curious if this print technology can benefit your customers? Here are some of the benefits.

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Advantages of Flexographic Printing

At Diversified Labeling Solutions, we use the flexographic printing process to create custom and stock labels for our customers. Besides labels, flexographic printing can be done on tag, metallic films, plastics, and fabric.

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Beginning in 2012, OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard was amended to align with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals, also known as GHS. Learn more about these important safety labels, and how you can help your customers.

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An Introduction to Cannabis Labels

As a DLS distributor, you have access to our custom print capabilities that allow you to quote cannabis and CBD projects. Target this market during this crucial growth period with DLS as your guide.

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Cold Resistant Labels

Extreme cold temperatures present some of the most challenging conditions for labels. Take a closer look at the effects cold can have and how you can help ensure your customer’s labels will perform in low temperatures.

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Augmented Security Labels

Counterfeit and stolen products, from medication to electronics, account for a staggering market share. Imports of counterfeit and pirated goods are worth nearly half a trillion dollars a year, or around 2.5% of global imports.

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Top Ten Label Markets

Label sales were strong in 2020 despite all the ups and downs. We expect these ten markets to remain strong for label sales in 2021.

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California Prop 65 Warning Labels

DLS offers Prop 65 compliant custom labels for products sold to California. As of August 2018, your customers need to be compliant.

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barcodes v rfid

Barcodes v RFID

Auto-ID labels like barcodes and RFID are both used to track and capture information about products, assets and inventory. So what is the difference? And which one is right for your customers?

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Connecting with Distributors

As a trade-only label converter, our customers are our sales team. DLS works hard to reach distributor customers through digital marketing, networking events and industry organizations.

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Color Basics

Color plays a huge role in the design of labels that are meant to stand out, attract customers or portray consistent branding. Learn some of the basics of how to design and print with color, as well as how to avoid some of the common pitfalls.

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Direct Thermal vs Thermal Transfer Labels

What labels are right for your customer? Learn more about the differences between thermal transfer and direct thermal labels so you can give your customers accurate recommendations.

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Reflective Vinyl

Reflective vinyl label tape is a specialized thermal print media infused with light reflective plastic particles. It provides high visibility both at night and in the daytime.

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How to Sell Labels

Labels are important to most businesses. From product labels to shipping labels, many companies have a label need. It’s a segment of the print industry that continues to grow and change over time.

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Six Label Questions

Getting the right label for the job requires asking the right questions. Asking your label customers these six questions will give us all the information we need about the label construction - so we can get you a quick, accurate quote.

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Improve Customer Interactions While Selling More Labels

As a salesperson and reseller, it’s important to grow and improve your customer interactions. Now more than ever, to stay ahead of your competitors, you must offer them exceptional customer service. Every interaction counts. DLS knows your reputation matters.

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Basics of Digital Label Printing

Digital printing technology has revolutionized the label industry with options for short and medium print runs, variable printing and high-quality printing on a wide variety of print surfaces and label stock.

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Supply Chain Label Solutions

Labeling is a critical component to a well-managed supply chain process. Any warehouse, regardless of its capacity, can reduce labor costs by implementing supply chain label solutions.

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