Diversified Labeling Solutions


Location, safety and exit signs. 


 Warehouse PLACARDS & Signs


Improve YOUR CUSTOMER'S warehouse operations.


Warehouse signs and placards are necessary in any modern facility. From safety to operational uses, warehouse signs help businesses stay compliant, safe and running smoothly.


 Warehouse Signs Inform Employees & Visitors


Warehouse signs aren’t just informational. They are must-have safety tools! As a full-service warehouse sign and label provider, DLSwarehouse produces signage for numerous safety applications including:


  • Warning signs
  • Exit Markers
  • Forklift Traffic Indicators


In addition to those applications, we manufacture pole markers, letters, numbers and production status signage.


 Custom Warehouse Signs



Warehouse signs are a highly visible and long lasting way to identify storage locations and communicate information throughout a warehouse or distribution center. Retro-reflective materials allow for long range scanning, and signs are produced in a range of sizes and shapes.

Single-Sided Signs
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   Hanging Signs


  • Retro-reflective barcode labels applied to hanging signs are a great way to identify bulk and staging locations.
  • Signs can be angled at 45 degrees to allow for easier scanning from the ground.
  Flat Signs



  • Single-sided location signs identify locations along a wall or at the end of aisles.
Multi-Sided Signs
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  Flat Signs


  • Hanging signs with information printed on both sides.
  V-Shaped Signs


  • Hanging signs with information printed on both sides.
  • Both sign faces are angled down to allow for easier scanning from the ground.
  Z-Shaped Signs


  • Hanging signs with information printed on both sides.
  • Both sign faces are angled down to allow for easier scanning from the ground.
  Cube & Triangle signs


  • Custom hanging signs for 3 or 4 sides to allow up to a 360-degree view.
  • Perfect for identifying zones.
  Aisle Signs


  • Flat
  • 2-sided
  • 3-View
Other Signs
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  Dock Door Signs


  • Clearly identify loading doors and driver entrances.
  Safety & OSHA Signs


  • Informative signs that warn workers and visitors of hazards.
  • Signs that encourage safe practices around equipment and chemicals.
  Rack Capacity Signs


  • In a warehouse safety is always a concern. Communicate load capacity and space limitations with rack signs.

 Warehouse Signs Make Locating Products Easier


Our custom warehouse sign solutions provide a consistent look that your customers will appreciate. Custom warehouse signs streamline aisle identification and ensure greater efficiencies when locating products within a warehouse.





Warehouse signs minimize the little mistakes and small delays that add up to big frustrations. Plus, optional color elements and images added to warehouse signs make locations and products even easier to find.