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Direct thermal labels offer high-quality barcode printing for numerous applications. What makes direct thermal labels different than thermal transfer is the fact that they do not require a ribbon to image the label. Instead, the imaging is created by using heat from the printhead to begin the chemical reaction on the label material itself.



Advantages of Direct Thermal Labels

  • No ribbon is required
  • Less downtime for ribbon changes
  • A low cost option for limited life applications such as shipping labels 


Disadvantages of Direct Thermal Labels

  • Image becomes difficult to read or scan over time
  • Material darkens in direct sunlight
  • Images only in black
  • It can scuff and smudge

At DLS, our focus area is variable imaged products. As such, we are a leader in the production of direct thermal labels. We carry an extensive selection of stock labels in both roll and fanfold formats, as well as custom labels, in both non-top coated and top coated versions.


Let us create custom DT label solutions for your customer. Just fill out our custom label request form.

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