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Warehouse labels, signs, placards and installation. 


 Supply Chain Solutions


Offer your customers more than just labels.

Implementing a warehouse management system can be challenging. With DLSwarehouse, you can leverage our extensive experience in and understanding of warehouse operations, barcode scanning and label and signage production. Help your warehouse and logistics clients with completely customized barcode warehouse label and signage solutions and installations.


Variables like available staff, go-live dates, budgets and even the facility itself mean that every warehouse label and sign installation is unique. With our resources and expertise, we can accommodate the needs of both you and your clients.



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  Finding a Fit for DLSwarehouse Products and Services


Not sure what customers need DLSwarehouse products and installation? Here are some tips for finding and qualifying sales leads:


  • Contact your existing customers. Many companies that ship or manufacture a product require shelves, racks and storage.  It’s important to ask any customer who sells a product what their warehouse operations look like.

  • Keep an eye out for new warehouses popping up in your area. It’s a good idea to contact the end user to determine what their label needs are or if they are hiring a 3PL to manage warehouse operations. This is a terrific way to find a local lead.

  • Are you already selling software, printers, and scanners to your customers? Then it’s time to start discussing warehouse labels and signs that tie all the solutions together.

  • Talk to any customer that is going through the implementation of a new ERP/WMS.


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Barcode Labels

DLSwarehouse uses 1D and 2D warehouse barcode labels optimized specifically for the facility and scanner needs. We also design custom barcode labels that include beam wrap-around labels and magnetic totems for ease of scanning and product identification.

Label & Signage Installation

When you need the expertise of DLSwarehouse to complete a sign or label installation. Our onsite team provides you with total support, including a project manager who will be your point person throughout the project. Let us help you increase your value as a supplier to your customers by adding label installation to your services.

CleanBeam™ & CleanBin™

CleanBeam is our answer to improving sticky, scuffed and worn-out racks. If your customer owns or operates a warehouse facility, this is a novel, practical solution for old warehouse racking. As a one-time, long-term investment, CleanBeam keeps racks looking fresh for years to come. We can apply our cover-up warehouse labels over existing labels and scratches. We offer CleanBin which is perfect for the quick relabeling of totes and bins.

Warehouse Signs

Our custom warehouse signage solutions provide a consistent look to streamline aisle identification and ensure efficient location of products. With custom warehouse signs, mistakes are minimized, meaning there are fewer delays (and frustrations). We can add color elements or images to signs making locations and products easier to find.

Click on the thumbnails below to view some of our most common sign shapes in Real-Time 3D!



45 degree warehouse sign


Floor labels have never held up well to the rigors of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Today, there's a new, impact-resistant solution: Label Armor. This product is a self-adhesive label protector with optional colored frames. The clear window allows your customers to cover and protect labels on floors, doors and walls.