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Durable floor label covers.

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Lengthen the life of your customer's floor labels.


Warehouses can be tough on labels – especially floor labels. Warehouse floor labels have to stand up to heavy pedestrian traffic as well as forklifts driving and dragging over them. In these conditions, it’s hard to keep labels from peeling, tearing or becoming unreadable. There have been many attempts at making floor labels more durable – like stronger adhesives and label material or metal label holders. But ultimately, most solutions fail. This is where Label Armor comes in.


Label Armor is a self-adhesive label protector with optional colored frames. The clear window allows your customers to cover and protect labels on floors, doors and walls. This unique product features a textured, anti-slip surface that provides extra safety and longevity. Your customers benefit from the label cover's durability, ease of installation, low cost and availability of sizes and colors. Provide a complete solution by offering to print their labels AND protect them.

 Scannable Labels That Last


Label Armor is available in half letter and full letter sizes.


Half Letter Size:

Overall- 8.125" W x 11.625" L

Opening- 6" W x 8.35" L


Full Letter Size:

Overall- 12.125" W x 15.625" L

Opening- 8.25" W x 11.75" L


Custom sizes and colors are available. For more information please contact us at warehouse@teamdls.com.


 Label Armor In Action: Video Spotlight

With Label Armor, your customer’s labels will last and be scannable for years. Learn more in this brief video. And let us know if you would like a custom branded version of this video to send to your customers.



 How it Works



1. Clean the surface where the intended label will be applied.


2. Ensure the prepared surface is above 50˚F. 


3. Apply your preprinted label to the surface. If your surface is porous we recommend our optional Surface Primer to help improve the adhesion of Label Armor.


4. Remove the film backing from Label Armor and apply over the printed label.


5. Apply even pressure to the adhesive strips. An optional seam roller or rubber squeegee is recommended to ensure complete adhesion. We also recommend our optional Edge Fix to help extend the life of Label Armor around the edges.



There is a 48 hour curing time necessary for complete, secure sealing of the adhesive. No mess or worries for your customers!


 A Multi-Surface Solution

Customers with warehouses, retail spaces or storage facilities can use Label Armor on:

  • Interior & Exterior Doors
  • Bulk Floor Locations
  • Staging Lane Areas
  • Totes
  • Walls
  • Walkways
  • Stairways
  • Shipping Docks

 Secure Application the First Time

In order to properly secure your Label Armor, cleaning and sealing it is crucial. That’s why DLS also offers Surface Primer and Edge Fix to help extend the life of Label Armor.

Surface Primer

For sealing porous surfaces such as wood or concrete, use Surface Primer. We recommend that everyone using Label Armor use Surface Primer prior to installation for ultimate durability. Just one liter of Surface Primer covers up to five square meters. Simply brush into place on a clean surface. Allow to dry and install the label first followed by Label Armor.


Edge Fix

For added durability that prevents Label Armor from lifting due to extreme conditions like pallet or fork drag, apply Edge Fix around the edges of Label Armor. This creates a hardened smooth edge that extends its life.