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When fostering your customer relationships as a label distributor, you must be ready for any questions they can have for you. One of the trickier questions you might encounter from your label customers is why they should buy from you as a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) instead of going directly through the manufacturer. While the latter may seem favorable to some, it can be more advantageous for your clients to get their labels through a distributor, like yourself.


We’ve created a guide for you to help you answer this question so your customers understand how working with a VAR can help them streamline their procurement of pressure-sensitive labels and enhance their overall business operations.

Back to Basics: Distributor vs Manufacturer Roles

As the distributor, you are the ultimate specialist in client relationships. You get to know your customers and their business so you can offer more precise and customizable solutions for their needs. Meanwhile, as the manufacturer, our role at DLS is to supply a high-quality finished product while providing resources to help you and other distributors successfully sell labels. Customers who buy from a distributor get the benefits both entities offer-- a well-made label product with excellent customer service.

Label Distributors Offer Customers:

Catered Expertise

VARs not only have a strong understanding of the ins and outs of the labeling industry but also have a team of experts, including us at DLS, readily at their fingertips. By leveraging the network of expertise a reseller has to offer, customers can access valuable insights, recommendations, and solutions tailored to their specific label requirements. Distributors can provide the best advice on topics like material quality, die cutting, or even navigating regulatory compliance.

Easy Product Procurement and Customizable Options

It’s no secret that shopping around for the right label products can be time-consuming and logistically complex. Between choosing the right label materials for the job, coordinating shipment to the workplace, and even purchasing other necessary products and goods, you can help simplify the customer’s label procurement process.


In other words, buying from a VAR is like a consumer shopping for their produce, meats, and other food products at the grocery store instead of each individual seller of goods. Essentially, you provide a one-stop shop for not only all their labeling needs but other resources they require as well.


Since every company has unique requirements when it comes to label design, size, and functionality, VARs can work closely with DLS and other manufacturers to find tailored solutions for each specified environment.

Label options a distributor can help a customer with:

  • Selection of adhesives, facestocks, liners and other materials
  • Special or unique die cutting
  • Determining the best printing method
  • Simplifying inventory management
  • Seasonal variations
  • Niche markets
  • Specialty labels for promotional campaigns
  • Label installation

Responsive Customer Support

In today’s fast-paced business environment, responsive customer support is essential for addressing inquiries, resolving issues, and ensuring a seamless ordering experience.


Since label distributors prioritize and rely on customer satisfaction, there is a commitment to providing personalized support throughout the entire lifecycle of a label project. A customer support specialist at your distributor business can offer timely assistance for questions about product specifications, order status updates, or technical assistance.

Cost-Effective Label Solutions

Negotiate Competitive Pricing

While buying directly from the manufacturer may seem like the more affordable solution to some of your customers, it isn’t necessarily always the case. As a label distributor, you may be able to leverage your established relationship with the label manufacturer to negotiate competitive pricing and volume discounts on your customer’s behalf.

Smaller Order Minimums

Manufacturers typically require bulk orders to make up the cost of raw materials, but distributors can often accommodate much smaller orders. This capability allows small mom-and-pop shops and budget-conscious businesses to purchase appropriately-sized and cost-effective label quantities.

Expanded Label Manufacturer Options

To put it frankly, your customers will want to work with a VAR for their label needs because, many times, that is the only option. DLS and many other manufacturers sell products entirely through distributors rather than directly to end users. For access to the most diverse choices of label options, VARs are the end user’s best bet.

DLS Can Help You Provide the Best Solutions


Do you need more information on how to best serve your customers and answer their questions? Take a look at our other blogs or contact one of our label experts at DLS.