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 An Introduction to Cannabis Labels




Laws regarding the legality of cannabis are rapidly changing throughout the US. As of late 2021, More than two-thirds of US states have legalized medical cannabis, and of those, 18 have legalized cannabis for recreational use. As companies rush to cash in on this emerging market, new brands are being created daily. This has opened a new world of opportunities for label and packaging distributors.


As a DLS distributor, you can target this growing label market with DLS as your guide.

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Custom Prime Labels for Cannabis & CBD Products


Like other consumable product markets, “wow” factor matters. When a customer walks into a shop, they are looking for products that stand out from the others.

Diversified is your expert source for decorative, prime labels that will help your customers stand out from the competition. We have a large fleet of both flexographic and digital presses that can produce vivid labels with four color process work as well as up to 10 PMS colors. And with our vast die collection, laser die cutting capabilities, and large selection of available materials, we can produce just about any type of color marketing label, in the quantities your customer needs.

Need varnishing, laminating or special face stocks or adhesives? No problem. At Diversified, we can meet all your custom pressure sensitive label needs.

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What You Can Offer Cannabis & CBD Manufacturers


  • 1000s of Standard Dies

  • Custom Laser Die Cut Designs

  • A Variety of Substrates and Adhesives

  • Variable Data for Barcodes and Product Versions

  • Print Effects Such as UV Inks for Added Security

  • Sealing & Tamper-Evident Tape

  • Custom Design Services


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 Labeling Considerations


Both cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabis (containing THC) are consumable products. Therefore there are specific rules regarding how they are packaged. In addition to basic date, weight, ingredient and manufacturer information, there are additional requirements that may vary from state to state for both medicinal and recreational cannabis. Here are a few labeling considerations:


Special Symbols and Type

Some states require that cannabis products are labeled with standardized symbols. For example, labels in Oregon must use symbols that differentiate between hemp products (such as CBD) and cannabis. Additionally, states may regulate the size of type that is used on the label.


Use Directions and Warnings

Regulations for Directions of Use labeling can vary from state to state. These regulations may include rules dictating how to document the amount of THC a product contains, as well as the need for required warning messages. For example, Alaska requires labels to include multiple warning statements including, “Marijuana has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming and addictive.”


Prop 65 Warning

California requires that if there is evidence a household or consumable product may cause cancer, it must be labeled with the Prop 65 warning. Cannabis products fall within this category and must include the Prop 65 warning on their labeling.


Track and Trace & RFID

In an industry where misrepresentations and counterfeit products can be life-threatening, one of the ways your clients can differentiate themselves is to add features that increase trust among their customers. Track and trace capabilities allow product to be monitored along the entire supply chain. RFID streamlines this process by proving chain-of-custody transactions and eliminating manual processes.

 How to Stay Informed

Due to the nuances of the industry, and differences in regulations from state to state, it’s important to conduct market research and stay up to date on the relevant cannabis laws. Here are some resources you can use to stay informed on cannabis and CBD labeling and packaging requirements:


The National Cannabis Industry Association
Canna Law Blog
Cannabis Business Times
Hemp Business Journal
Marijuana Business Magazine

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Navigating the CBD and cannabis industry is complex. Diversified is here to guide you through this growing market so that you can increase your label sales and stay ahead of your competitors.


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