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 Brand Protection Labels

product security labels become mainstream.



Counterfeit and stolen products, from medication to electronics, account for a staggering market share. Imports of counterfeit and pirated goods are worth nearly half a trillion dollars a year, or around 2.5% of global imports.

One way manufacturers and brands protect themselves from intellectual property theft or pirated goods is through brand security. Although some brand security approaches are complex and involve digital assistance, DLS offers something any company selling goods can benefit from: Brand Protection Labels.

Brand Protection Labels are security labels created to satisfy end-users that require distinguished labels that go beyond custom or even high-quality Prime Labels. Brand Protection Labels are decorative and accentuated with one or more unique Print Effects.

 6 Small Security Features Can Make a Big Difference

Brand Security Labels offer Print Effects that enhance label design and protect products. Your customers can request one or more features for their custom label design. The result? A more secure label that’s also enticing to consumers.

3D Feel Print

Raised ink offers texturized text and images for a 3D feel. The added detail takes label quality to the next level.


Extremely small print contributes to design detail as well as adding security measures. Micro-text can also be printed onto tamper-evident tape.


Color-Shifting Inks

Like ink on currency, color-shifting inks display two distinct colors depending on the angle of view.


Holograms integrated into the design of the label augment its security features while dramatically increasing visual interest.



Metallic foils offer print security when added to graphics and logos for a captivating design.

Black Light Inks

Fun and interactive black light inks engage consumers. It also adds a covert security feature to any product.

 How Brand Protection Labels from DLS Improve Outcomes


Brand Protection Labels combine high-end Prime Labels with advanced print security features. The need and desire to have labels that meet both needs are important to customers. The main benefits of Brand Protection Labels are:

1. Influence customer behavior by conveying key brand attributes.
2. Stand out from competitive products by the addition of unique Print Effects.
3. Easy-to-recognize (but not to replicate) brand security features.

Help your customers create enticing product labels that increase brand awareness and sales. Print Effects not only add aesthetic value, these features add print security elements that help verify products compared to imitations.

 Elevate Your Label Sales

Offer clients more than just labels. Offer them solutions that improve their business practices while saving them money. For label training from our experts or to request Brand Protection Label samples, email marketing@teamdls.com.