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As a salesperson and reseller, it’s important to grow and improve your customer interactions. Now more than ever, to stay ahead of your competitors, you must offer them exceptional customer service. Every interaction counts. DLS knows your reputation matters. Today, let’s talk about how you can improve your customer interactions while selling more labels.


Be Responsive

Sometimes, the difference between customers working with you over a competitor comes down to how responsive you are to their needs. In the digital age where customers have access to you on many fronts: email, phone, social media – this is especially true. Responsiveness matters and your suppliers must prioritize response time, too.

As a DLS distributor, you get access to technical support, customer service, and the fastest quotes in the industry. For even faster quote turnaround, our distributors can sign up for our Label Portal™ online tool. This customized portal provides instant quotes through QuoteNow™, as well as other tools and our up-to-date stock catalog. All of these tools make it easier for you to meet your commitment to your customers with fast, responsive communication.

Communicate Gratitude and
Remain Accessible

Thank your customers, build loyalty, and build relationships.

It sounds so simple, but in today’s fast-paced world it’s easy to forget the small touches that make doing business pleasant. Keep your customers happy by communicating gratitude at every opportunity. Happy customers are repeat customers.

If your customer prefers in-person interactions, ask them out to lunch. Being available to customers through many channels will give you more chances to make a sale while reinforcing your commitment to responsive communication.

Not sure where your ideal customers are? Let Team DLS’s label experts and marketing team help you identify markets and key personnel in your lead pool. We’ll create free marketing collateral for you to take to your next meeting and help you close that sale.

Leverage the Capabilities of Your Suppliers

Small and large distributors alike need a range of products and services to reach as many customers as possible. To do that, you must leverage the capabilities of your suppliers. For instance, DLS offers:

  • Access to nationwide lean manufacturing with redundant equipment and capabilities.
  • Warehousing and distribution allow for faster deliveries while keeping freight costs to a minimum.
  • Product and technical support from an experienced team.
  • High-quality products, reliable service, and competitive pricing.
  • A partner that will provide you with outstanding sales and marketing tools.
  • 7” – 10” wide Flexographic printing up to 10 colors, die cutting capabilities of 10” – 24” wide, and digital printing with vibrant four-color process and laser die-cutting.

 Don’t Just Sell Products, Sell Services


It’s not just about labels… it’s about all the services that go along with it. Services provide extra value to your customer and lead to more revenue for you. DLS has a variety of value-added services that make you stand out from your competitors:


DLSdesign is your personal label design team. We are happy to work under your name as we go through the design process. All proofs and communications will be branded with your company info. We are your silent partner.

Kitting is for those occasions where your client must have multiple products shipped out at one time for a mass distribution or periodic program. We are experts at kitting and have handled many mass distribution events. We will get the job done for you on-time, correctly, and at a reasonable cost.


For the clients who would like to receive their thermal transfer labels and ribbons all in one carton, you can offer co-packing services from DLS. We assist you by sizing the length of the ribbon to match the number of labels in a carton, so your clients receive a perfect one to one match that maximizes their efficiency and reduces overall cost.


Warehouse Label Installation
DLS combines a thorough understanding of warehouse operations, barcode scanning, and label production to help you install a customized barcode warehouse label solution for your clients.

Complimentary Material Samples & Test Runs
DLS provides material samples at no cost to you and small quantity runs so your customer can test the product before placing their full order. That way, you’ll know everything is perfect beforehand.

Application R&D
Does your customer have special application considerations? Our label application experts will find the best materials and adhesives that yield optimal results. We’ll work together to get your customers what they need and keep them happy.


 Sell More Labels with DLS


DLS is more than just a label supplier. We provide comprehensive marketing and sales support for all our distributor partners. You can request your own custom label marketing toolkit, or email marketing@teamdls.com to get full access to our marketing support.


Meeting with a customer and want to talk about labels? Our marketing team can even create sales presentations to help you close more deals.


Whether you’re new to the label game or want to learn about one of our new products, DLS offers remote and onsite label training. We want you equipped with everything you need to grow your business. Our team will help you identify customer pain points and find opportunities that lead to sales.


Not a distributor with DLS? Join the team today to get access to our robust print capabilities, excellent customer service, and free marketing tools. Fill out our distributor application.