Diversified Labeling Solutions

Vinyl labels are a versatile label material





Are you looking for a flexible, durable label choice for industrial, commercial, or manufacturing label applications? Vinyl label tape provides a cost-effective solution for quality signs, tags or identification in a harsh environment.

 What is Vinyl Label Tape?

Vinyl label tape is made up of a thin, flexible, low-shrink vinyl facestock that can be used to create thermal transfer labels. For the best results, we recommend that you use vinyl label tape with a resin thermal transfer ribbon.

 What are the Benefits of Vinyl Tape?

Vinyl label tape provides a number of benefits including:

  • Durability: Vinyl labels last up to five years under normal exposure conditions and are an excellent choice for applications requiring a high degree of durability. Labels are UV-rated and resistant to sunlight and fading. They are moisture and chemical resistant and are an excellent choice for harsh environments where a high degree of scratch and smear resistance is required.
  • Flexible Application: Appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use, vinyl labels are an incredibly flexible option for industrial labelling. The pliable material and aggressive permanent adhesive make it possible to install vinyl labels on almost any industrial surface.
  • Large Selection: Vinyl label tape is available in a wide variety of widths and can be used to print labels of just about any length. And with the large number of color choices, vinyl labels can be used for anything from signs to equipment labels.
  • On-Demand Possibilities: With the use of desktop or portable thermal printers, it’s possible to print vinyl labels on demand. Save time and money by printing the labels you need, when you need them.

 Uses of Vinyl Label Tape

Vinyl labels are useful for warehouse labelling

Warehouse Labels

Whether they are used on warehouse beams, the floor or the wall, labels keep a warehouse organized. Vinyl label tape provides a flexible option for this vital type of durable label.

Keep your workplace safe with vinyl labels

Workplace Signs

Workplace signs can help you maintain a professional, clean and safe work environment. Use vinyl labels to create signs to communicate important policy, security, and safety messages that reflect your organization's priorities.


Vinyl labels used for OSHA compliant signs

OSHA Signs and Labels

Encourage safe practices and comply with OSHA requirements with Danger, Warning, Caution and Right-to-Know notices. The variety of size and color options offered with vinyl label tape makes it easy to create readable, durable workplace safety labels and signs for use in a wide variety of harsh environments. Additionally, with their pliable material and strong adhesive, vinyl labels can often be placed where bulky signs would be impractical.

Vinyl labels used for Arc Flash labels

Arc Flash Warnings

Labeling is required for any piece of electrical equipment that may need to be examined, adjusted, or serviced while energized – because this creates the potential for an arc flash incident to occur. This typically includes equipment such as switchboards, panel boards, control panels and transformers. Use vinyl labels to keep your workers safe and adhere to federal arc flash regulations.

Vinyl labels used for pipe marking

Pipe Marking

Properly labeled pipes indicate contents and flow direction and are color coded to indicate possible hazards related to the pipe contents. Vinyl label tape is a perfect choice for pipe labeling. The flexible label material and strong permanent adhesive make it easy to apply to pipes. And with the high durability of these labels, they can used in even harsh environmental conditions. Additionally, the wide variety of sizes and colors and the option of printing these labels in-house means you can print the pipe labels you need, when you need them.

Labels are used as a 5s tool

5S Labels

5S is a basic lean production tool that involves organizing the workplace and providing visual cues that help people easily navigate the workplace and follow instructions. Signs, labels, floor markings and color-coding can all play a role in providing these visual cues. With their durability, ease of installation and variety of sizes and colors, vinyl labels work very well for implementing 5S.

vinyl labels used for equipment marking

Equipment Labelling

Equipment labels help organizations manage the tools necessary for their employees to do their jobs. These valuable labels can include what a piece of equipment is, who it belongs to and where it is stored. Durable vinyl label tape and permanent adhesive ensure that these labels stay in place, regardless of the environment that equipment is used or stored in.

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DLS offers affordable vinyl label tape in dozens of colors, with label widths ranging from 1-9 inches. But we are more than just a label supplier. We can also provide the printers, printheads and thermal transfer ribbons your customers need for a complete vinyl label solution.


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