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Vivid, attractive labels with RFID inlays

Prime RFID Label on the press

 Prime RFID Labels


High-quality Images and Inventory Management in One!

Do your customers need the high quality images of prime labels and also RFID tags to meet retail mandates? DLS can help you provide both to your customers–in just one label. Prime RFID labels help your customers meet the demands of retail mandates and other operations while enhancing eye catching visibility and inventory management. 

 Benefits of Prime Labels and RFID Tags

Prime labels are designed to make a lasting impression on consumers, while RFID technology offers unparalled advantages in inventory and operational management. Here are some other key benefits of each.

Prime labels on laundry detergent
Prime Labels

  • Enhanced Branding: High-quality prime labels showcase your brand's identity, helping your products stand out on crowded retail shelves.
  • Superior Print Quality: Advanced printing techniques ensure that every detail, from vibrant colors to intricate designs, is rendered with precision and clarity.
  • Durability: Made from robust materials, prime labels withstand the rigors of transportation and handling, ensuring your products look pristine upon arrival.
  • Versatility: Available in various sizes, shapes, and finishes, prime labels can be customized to fit any product or packaging type.

RFID inlays within a label
RFID Labels

  • Real-Time Tracking: RFID technology provides instant visibility into product locations and movements, enabling precise inventory management.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: Automated scanning reduces human error, ensuring accurate data collection and minimizing discrepancies.
  • Improved Security: RFID tags can help prevent theft and loss by providing detailed tracking information.
  • Streamlined Operations: Faster and more efficient than traditional barcode scanning, RFID technology speeds up processes such as receiving, shipping, and inventory counts.

 RFID Retail Mandate Compliance

With the recent retail mandates creating more urgency for RFID implementation, inserting inlays into prime labels can be a great benefit to your customers. By utilizing Prime RFID labels, you can help your customers avoid the need to purchase a secondary label. This capability not only saves them money in the long run, but also helps preserve product branding. As you and your customers look to navigate the RFID mandates, DLS can be an excellent resource for not only mandate-approved labels, but also encoding and RFID label training. 

Service bureau encoding prime RFID Label

Service Bureau Encoding

You can provide your customers the option of properly printed and encoded prime RFID labels with our service bureau. DLS service bureau simplifies the process and offers faster implementation for your customers when they don't have the time or resources to print and encode RFID labels in house. Our service bureau can help encode prime and traditional RFID labels.


Stock RFID Labels

Looking for other RFID labels to help your customers meet retail mandates? We also offer stock RFID labels in a variety of popular sizes and other RFID resources.

 RFID and Prime Label Presses

Utilizing our servo die cutter station and other RFID resources, we are able to insert RFID inlays into preprinted material from any press, including our HP Indigo, as well as preprinted webs from other print companies. 

In addition to the servo die cutter, DLS also offers a fleet of presses for prime labeling including flexographic, digital, and HP Indigo capabilities. We can produce vibrant 4 color process work as well as up to 10 PMS colors. Combine that with our HD flexo plates, vast die collection, laser die cutting and wide array of materials, and we can produce just about any type of high color marketing label, in both small and large quantities.

Tamarack Inserter with Servo Die Cutter

 Label Design Services

Prime Label Design

Creating a prime label involves more than just printing—it's about design! At DLS, we provide comprehensive design services through DLSdesign. This fixed-price graphic design service enables you to offer your clients professional and innovative label designs.

Think of DLSdesign as your personal design team for your customer’s next project. We can seamlessly integrate into your brand, working under your name throughout the design process. Our concept development simplifies the process, making it easy for you to deliver top-tier graphic design services to your customers.

 Prime RFID Label Experts

Want to learn more about prime RFID labels or our other products? Please contact one of our experts or request a quote.