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Helps customers stay compliant.





Increase your profits with short or long run UL and cUL labels. DLS is officially certified to print these high-demand durable labels.


 Who Needs UL Labels?

UL compliant labels use materials and have designs which have been approved by Underwriters Laboratories, an independent, non-profit organization that develops electrical safety testing standards and regularly tests products for compliance. They are the authority on safety assurance in the US. Let DLS help you identify customers who need durable labels that are compliant with UL/cUL standards.


  UL as a Marketing Tool for Your Customer


UL certifications are good for your customers. The Certification Marks and the label’s promotional badges instill trust in consumers.

According to UL, “UL Marks or promotional badges can be used in marketing collateral, advertising, social content, internal and distribution chain communications, product catalogs, websites, news releases, point-of-sale, trade shows, and imagery promoting a UL certified product, system, process or facility.”

 Benefits to You

  • UL certified labels with supporting paperwork.
  • Keeps customers compliant.
  • Quick turnaround times.
  • Tech support and label troubleshooting.


 Why Use UL Labels?

1. Experience the Benefits of Third-Party Certification

The UL listing is called a “Third Party Certification”. This certification provides an unbiased safety assurance to interested parties including the manufacturer, the specifier, and the consumer. UL’s field reps worldwide conduct periodic, unannounced onsite inspections of UL-certified products in the manufacturer’s factory. The product is verified as being fully compliant with a set of rules governing the product. Another part of the agreement is traceable labels. Each product listed must have a label traceable to the manufacturer through Underwriters Laboratories.



2. Gain an Advantage with Listed and Classified Products

They are not the same, in fact Classified products have been evaluated only for specific properties, a limited range of hazards, or suitability for use under limited conditions. If a product is Classified by UL, this can mean its testing meets the particular requirements for a single test with a published result.

3. Stand Out with Full UL Listing and Compliance

If products comply to some parts of a specific UL Standard, this can mean their testing only meets that part of the Standard, but the products do not fully conform with the UL requirements. If it's only partial, it is not a true UL listed product.



4. You Can Always Search Through UL’s Directory

The Online Certifications Directory includes the names of companies authorized to use the UL Mark on or in connection with products in compliance with UL’s requirements. If you wish to view that a product is UL Listed, then either use the web address ul.com and the Online Certifications Directory tab searching for a company name (e.g. Kingspan), UL file number, or alternatively type in the link below or search company name e.g. ‘Kingspan’.

 Let DLS Be Your Resource

Diversified is officially certified by UL/cUL (Listed UL 969 for Marking and Labeling Systems) to manufacture labels according to their strict testing guidelines (both Type L and Type R marks). This means we have passed their rigorous investigative process regarding our manufacturing, quality control, and material acquisition operations. And, we maintain all proper records to ensure on-going compliance. Our label application experts are ready to help you navigate your customer’s UL/cUL label project.