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Extreme cold temperatures present some of the most challenging conditions for labels. Whether inside a freezer or outside during the cold winter months, whenever labels will be exposed to cold temperatures, it is important to make sure your customers are using the right type of label. Let’s take a closer look at the effects cold can have and how you can help ensure your customer’s labels will perform in low temperatures.



 Label Problems That Can Be Caused by Cold

Cold conditions can cause several problems for label performance, both during and after application. These problems can include:

Labels Fall Off - If the label wasn’t applied in the right environment, or the wrong adhesive was used, labels can fall off.

Labels Curl or Pucker - Differences in humidity that often go hand-in-hand with cold weather can lead to temporary curling or puckering.

 Label Use Conditions

Beyond knowing that your customer’s labels will be used in cold conditions, getting the right label requires knowing additional information about the environment in which the label will be used.


Indoor or Outdoor

Labels that need to perform in cold outdoor conditions could also need to stand up to wind, rain, snow and UV exposure. All of these conditions could affect the choice of label material as well as the most appropriate ink and print process.


Exposure to Moisture

If the label will be used in a cold and wet environment it could affect the choice of substrate. For example, a paper label that holds up well to cold, dry conditions could deteriorate when exposed to moisture.


Freezing and Thawing

Does the label need to perform after thawing? Some labels will perform well while frozen, but the adhesive or substrate may deteriorate when thawing due to the moisture that can be created by thawing frost.


Time from Application to Freezer

The choice of label would vary depending on how quickly the items will go from labeling to freezer. Certain adhesives require time to form a permanent bond between the facestock and substrate. Even items that have been appropriately labeled in a warm environment may fail if they are placed in the freezer before this bond has happened.

 Cold Label Application Conditions

One of the biggest concerns with labels and cold temperatures is the conditions under which labels are applied. Depending on the application conditions, it may be necessary to use specialized adhesives to ensure adherence.

It’s important to consider the following:

  • Will the labels be applied in an environment below 40 degrees? Certain adhesives are not as effective at cold temperatures, and as a result will not stick.
  • What material will the label be applied to? Some materials become very slick in cold conditions, which will make adhesion more difficult.
  • Will the application surface be dry or will there be moisture or frost? Most standard labels are not strong enough to adhere to frosty or wet surfaces – necessitating the need for specialized labels or adhesive.



Additionally, it is important to consider the temperature of the labels themselves. Even in situations where the labels are being applied in a warm area, to a warm dry product, applying a label that has been in cold temperatures could cause issues. If labels have been sitting in a delivery truck in freezing temperatures or are stored near a shipping dock or in an unheated room, it is important to allow time for the label to warm up before application.


When to Use Cold-Resistant Labels

It may be obvious that a customer such as a frozen food company would require labels that will withstand cold temperatures. But there are actually a number of instances where your customers might need to consider special cold appropriate labels. If your customer’s labels are used in any of the following situations, they may need labels that will withstand cold:

  • Refrigeration/Freezers
  • Vehicles
  • Outdoor Signage or Labels
  • Outdoor Equipment
  • Refrigerant Pipes
  • Cold Storage or Shipping Conditions

 Markets for Cold-Resistant Labels



The following markets are just a few of the potential customers for labels that will withstand cold conditions:

  • Food Manufacturers and Distributors
  • Brewers and Other Beverage Companies
  • Grocery Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Healthcare/Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Laboratories
  • Vehicle or Equipment Manufacturers
  • Construction Companies
  • Warehouse and Logistics Companies

DLS Helps Find the Right Label for the Job
In Any Temperature

When you choose DLS as your label supplier, you get more than just a leading label manufacturer – you get access to our team of label experts. We will work with you to make sure each part of your customer’s label including the substrate, adhesive and ink is right. Your customers can be confident that their labels will perform – even in the extreme cold. And when your customers are confident, you will ultimately sell more labels and grow your business.


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