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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) labels are an excellent solution for companies looking to increase speed and accuracy of data collection. Customers in a wide range of industries including supply chain and distribution, retail, consumer goods and healthcare look to RAIN RFID technology. And as experts in both RFID and label production, DLS can help you reach these customers.

 What are RFID Labels?

A typical RFID label is similar to a typical pressure sensitive label but with a UHF RFID transponder (or inlay) embedded between the facestock and release liner. This inlay uses tiny microchips and an antenna to store information and transmit it to specially designed RFID readers. The information is encoded on the inlay using a specially designed printer-encoder such as the Printronix Auto ID T6000e, T4000 or T800 RFID printers, and these labels can be printed with additional information such as a traditional barcode, product identification or shipping information.


Much like barcodes, RFID is used to track and capture information about products, assets and inventory and is used in applications such as tracking goods through the supply chain and managing inventory in retail stores.



 Benefits of RFID Labels


Similar to barcodes, RFID labels can be attached to individual products, boxes or pallets for use in data collection and tracking. However, they provide a number of benefits to traditional barcodes including:

  • Doesn’t require direct line of site to be read.
  • Faster read rates, from farther distances.
  • The ability to simultaneously read multiple RFID labels.
  • Item level serialization.
  • Higher level of accuracy.
  • Information stored on the label can be updated on demand.

 Video Spotlight: Understanding RFID


We've put together this brief video to help explain RFID Labels. And don't forget, as a DLS Distributor, you can request a custom-branded version of this video to help sell RFID labels to your customers.

 RFID to Meet Your Customer's Needs

Whether your customer is looking to replace an existing RFID label or is new to RFID technology, we can provide the RAIN RFID labels they need. With access to a huge array of inlays and face sheet materials, we can support almost any custom RFID label construction. If you need a particular chip and/or inlay, or would like to know if our labels are compatible with your existing specifications, please contact us, and we can advise.


 RFID & Label Expertise

We have the industry expertise and production capabilities to provide the RFID labels your customers need. DLS are experts in the production of thermal and pressure sensitive labels. And, as a wholly-owned subsidiary and official OEM supplier of TSC Auto ID Technology Co., Ltd., we work closely with experts in RFID printers and encoders. This combined expertise allows us to provide a wide variety of stock or custom printed RFID labels guaranteed for optimal performance.

 Official OEM Suppliers for Printronix Auto ID

Printronix Auto ID RFID printer-encoders support dozens of RFID inlays, including those from mainstream manufacturers such as Alien Technology, Avery Dennison (including Smartrac), BoingTech and Tageos. Visit the Printronix website for a complete listing of tested inlays.


TSC Printronix Genuine Supplies RAIN RFID labels are guaranteed to provide optimal performance with all Printronix Auto ID RFID printers, having been certified in our RFID Tag and Label Validation lab.






Auto-ID labels like barcodes and RFID are both used to track and capture information about products, assets and inventory. So what is the difference? And which one is right for your customers? Learn more in our post, Barcodes vs. RFID.




We know our labels and our RFID, so please feel to contact us for assistance and a fast, accurate quote.