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One of the most affordable and effective ways to enhance warehouse safety is by implementing warehouse safety signs.


Warehouses are the heart of a well-run supply chain. But they can also be dangerous work places, with workers moving to quickly fill orders and move product – often with the use of heavy machinery or near other potential hazards. In fact, warehouses report higher than average workplace accidents and injuries. Often, these issues stem from inadequate documentation, training, or safety signage.

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Proper use of warehouse safety signs and labels can help create safer and more efficient warehouse environments by alerting employees and visitors to company policies and procedures, so they always know how to protect themselves and others.


Clear warehouse labels and signs play a key role not just in increasing warehouse efficiency, but also in helping to ensure a safe work environment. Warehouse safety signs serve as visual reminders of safety protocols and procedures, helping to prevent errors and accidents in daily operations. They contribute to a safer work environment by increasing awareness of potential hazards and promoting safe practices among employees and visitors.


For example, a properly labeled warehouse can help prevent severe accidents and injuries by helping to properly train and notify employees of equipment procedures, inventory placements, weight restrictions, forklift pathways, and other safety issues.

 Warehouse Safety Signs & Labels to Comply with OSHA


Safety signs and labels are often legally required. Workplace safety signs can be mandated by OSHA and other regulatory bodies to warn of hazardous conditions. When dealing with potentially dangerous chemicals, GHS labels (inlcuding those mandated by the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) may also be required. Choosing warehouse signs and labels that comply with regulatory standards not only protects employees from harm but also shields the warehouse business from potential legal liabilities and fines.

 Warehouse Safety Signs and Labels from DLS

DLS offers a large selection of customizable warehouse labels, signs, and safety products.

safety sign from DLS

Safety Signs

  • Warn workers and visitors of hazards
  • Apply to doors, walls and equipment
  • Full-color to grab attention
  • Conforms to ANSI and OSHA regulatory standards

flat hanging safety sign from DLS

Flat Hanging Signs

  • Display safety information
  • Identify locations along a wall or at end of aisles
  • Shipping and receiving, yard areas and fence gates
  • Single-sided

aluminum sign from DLS

Aluminum Signs

  • Display safety information or instructions
  • Durable indoor or outdoor signs
  • Weather/Rust resistant
  • Reflective options available

large PVC sign from DLS

Large Format Signs

  • Large signs to identify zones within the facility
  • Easily readable from a distance
  • Can include text, barcodes, logos and other graphics and safety information

large PVC sign from DLS

Rack Capacity Labels

  • Communicate load capacity and space limitations
  • Pre-printed or with blank space
  • Full-color printing
  • Conforms to ANSI and OSHA regulatory standards

floor labels from DLS

Floor Labels

  • Custom printed self-adhesive vinyl graphics
  • Communicate important messages to employees and vistors
  • Designed for industrial environments
  • Will withstand forklift traffic

floor marking tape from DLS

Floor Tape

  • Visible floor marking improves safety and organization in almost any industrial environment
  • Ideal for marking aisles, passageways and storage locations and identifying equipment and egress paths

dome mirrors from DLS

Dome Mirrors

  • Use in intersecting walkways, forklift routes and entrance areas
  • Prevent collisions at blind intersections
  • Provide security and surveillance where vision is obscured

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 Choosing Warehouse Safety Signs

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for warehouse safety signs and labels. Choosing warehouse safety signs for your customer’s facility should involve a careful assessment of the unique applications and working environments of each warehouse.

Custom Safety Signs

Customizing safety signs to address specific hazards unique to your customer’s warehouse is crucial. They may need floor labels or tape to identify pathways for forklift traffic; signs to indicate areas prone to pallet collapses; labels to identify load limits for warehouse shelving; signs alerting employees and visitors to dangers such as high-voltage; or signage highlighting machinery with moving parts. Whatever your customers need, custom warehouse safety signs and labels like those provided by DLS enhance visibility and effectiveness in mitigating risks.

Safety Label Materials and Design

In addition to the message of warehouse safety labels, it’s important to consider the durability and visibility. Opt for high-contrast colors and bold fonts, or possibly retro-reflective materials to ensure maximum visibility, especially in dimly lit or busy areas of the warehouse. Additionally, select materials that withstand environmental factors such as moisture, heat, and UV exposure to maintain readability over time.

 Types of Warehouse Safety Signs


Warehouse safety signs are powerful tools in promoting a culture of safety and minimizing risks in warehouse operations. These valuable safety communication tools come in various types, each serving a specific purpose in preventing accidents and injuries:

GHS Compliance Sign

Compliance Signs

These signs indicate adherence to specific regulations or standards set by authorities such as OSHA. They ensure that the warehouse meets legal requirements, promoting a culture of safety and compliance.

High Voltage Warning Sign

Danger Warning Signs

Danger warning signs highlight imminent hazards or risks that could result in serious injury or death. They alert employees and visitors to areas where caution is required, such as locations of toxic materials or high-risk machinery.

Slippery Conditions Safety Sign

Hazard Warning Signs

Similar to danger warning signs, hazard warning signs identify potential risks within the warehouse environment. These signs indicate hazards such as slippery floors, electrical dangers, or falling objects, allowing individuals to take necessary precautions.

Capacity Warning Sign

Materials Handling Signs

Materials handling signs provide instructions and guidelines for safe handling and storage of materials within the warehouse. They help prevent accidents related to improper material handling, stacking, or storage practices.

Fire Extinguisher Sign

Fire Safety Signs

Fire safety signs indicate the location of fire extinguishers, fire exits, and emergency assembly points. In the event of a fire or other emergency, these signs guide individuals to safety and facilitate swift evacuation procedures.

PPE Safety Sign

PPE Signs

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) signs remind employees to wear appropriate protective gear, such as helmets, gloves, safety glasses, or hearing protection, in designated areas or when performing specific tasks.

Forklift Safety Sign

Traffic Signs

Warehouse traffic signs and labels designate pedestrian walkways, forklift lanes, and other traffic routes within the warehouse. By clearly marking pathways and vehicle routes, these signs help prevent collisions and ensure the smooth flow of traffic.

Forklift Safety Sign

Safety Reminder Signs

Strategically placed signs and labels can be used to remind employees of important safety practices such as proper lifting techniques or hand washing practices.

Visitors must register sign

Safety Protocol Signs

Signs and labels can inform and remind employees and visitors of company policies aimed at creating a safe and efficient warehouse workplace.

dome mirrors from DLS

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