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Are you looking for a way to stand out as you target the growing market for cannabis and cannabidiol product labels? When you utilize our HP Indigo print capabilities, you can help your customers meet a number of challenges unique to the cannabis industry.

 Benefits of Cannabis Label Printing

HP Indigo Label press

Maximize the Impact of Small Labels 

Your customers need labels to help their cannabis products stand out from the competition. They also need labels that provide a significant amount of regulated product safety and consumer warning information—often on relatively small labels. Every drop of HP’s ElectroInk is fully controlled to maintain very accurate ink placement and superior print quality. Additionally, the small size of the ElectroInk particles means that even the finest lines and smallest type stay sharp and well-defined. With our HP Indigo capabilities, you can provide the branding and “wow factor” your customers want, without sacrificing the readability of required product information.

Cannabis-Label-Regulations-Continually Changing

Adapt to Changing Regulations

As local areas work through how to regulate cannabis and CBD, laws regarding product labeling are in a continual state of flux. It’s likely that your customers will need to regularly change their labels. Digital printing options provide a flexible, affordable solution with the option of short label runs so your customers can keep up with these changes. And with the HP Indigo, your customers can benefit from the flexibility of digital label printing, with print quality that rivals offset printing.

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State Specific Labels

So far, cannabis regulations are being decided on a state-by-state basis—resulting in a patchwork of regulations regarding cannabis packaging and labeling. This means that labeling requirements for cannabis products can differ dramatically depending on where the product is sold. For many of your cannabis label customers, this may necessitate the need for multiple versions of their labels. Utilizing variable imaging, like that available with the HP Indigo, you can customize data, images, colors, graphics or text—while still taking advantage of the lower price per label of a larger order.


Label Security Features

Help your customers discourage counterfeiters with enhanced security features. For example, HP's microtext font makes it possible to print text and numbers that to the naked eye appear as a thin line or decoration. Incorporating specialty UV inks, which are only visible under black lights, can provide a covert security feature. With our integrated Grafotronix label finisher, you can also enhance your customer’s cannabis labels with embellishments like holographic cold foil—adding visual interest as well as brand security.

Track and Trace for Cannabis Labels

Build Trust with Track and Trace

Traceability is extremely important for the cannabis industry, as both a regulatory and customer safety issue. Your cannabis label customers need a reliable method of tracking the production, distribution, and sale of a cannabis product—from plant to customer. Leverage HP Indigo’s high resolution and print quality to print micro barcodes, which are up to four times smaller than standard barcodes. Using variable printing these barcodes can be used to create secondary serialization or encoded data such as lot and serial numbers. This allows your customers to tell regulators and consumers where their product originated. We can also help you provide RFID labels, for real-time tracking and traceability.

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Industry Leading Print Quality 

When customers and designers require superior print quality, they look for label printers with HP Indigo capabilities. HP’s proprietary Electroink process leads to sharper images, more vivid colors and better gloss uniformity. The result is print quality that meets, or in some cases beats offset printing.

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