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 Labels with Variable Images 


variable imaged labels for multiple industries.

If your customer needs variable barcodes, graphic images or data, we will work with you to determine the best method to apply variable data to your labels. We utilize a variety of in-line and off-line methods to produce variable imaged labels. And we offer both monochrome and full-color imaging. The result is quality variable labels at the lowest cost.




 DLS Utilizes State-of-the-Art Print Technology to Produce Variable Printed Labels


Variable printing utilizes digital print technology to customize aspects of labels within the same print run. Using information from a database or spreadsheet, variable label printing allows your customers to customize data, images, colors, graphics or text. As long as the labels are the same size and shape, it is possible for each label in the print run to be unique.


With DLS, you can offer your customers a wide variety of variable label options based on their needs and budget. We utilize a fleet of digital presses including HP Indigo, Colordyne aqueous inkjet and INX UV inkjet equipment. Additionally, our hybrid press capabilities add full color digital inkjet printing capabilities to existing flexographic presses.


Whether your customers need to simply change out a line of text or are looking for a sophisticated variable label design option, you can depend on our experienced team of label printing experts.


 Limitless Variable Design Options with HP Indigo


Is your customer looking for something truly unique? With our HP Indigo 6900, it is possible to produce a virtually infinite variety of label designs. Starting with a high-resolution base design pattern, HP Mosaic combines, scales, transposes and rotates the image to create limitless unique variations.




 Variable Imaging: What is it Used For?


Whether your customer is looking for sequentially numbered labels, several versions of the same label for product varieties or personalized labels as part of a creative marketing campaign, DLS has you covered. The only limit is your customer’s imagination. Some of the possible uses for variable printed labels include:

  • Multiple SKU’s
  • Sequential Barcodes
  • Track and Trace Labels
  • Serial Numbers and Product Identification
  • Regional Packaging Designs
  • Personalized Labels
  • Promotional Labels
  • Date Labeling
  • Multiple Languages
  • Scratch-Off Labels
  • Direct Marketing Campaigns
  • Country-of-Origin Labels

 Benefits of Variable Imaging for Labels


Cost Savings: One of the biggest benefits of variable printing is that we can produce multiple versions of a label faster and more cost effectively than with traditional printing. Variable printing allows us to print multiple label designs in a single press run. There is no need to change out plates or stop the press for additional setup between designs. This means your customer can save by grouping multiple versions of same-size labels into a single order—taking advantage of the lower per label cost available with higher quantities.


Your customer can also save on design time and cost since there is no need to create a separate design file for each variation.


Targeted Marketing to Increase Sales: Variable print provides a wide variety of opportunities for your customers to target their marketing and increase sales. Utilizing variable printing, your customers can personalize their labels, create labels and packaging targeted to different geographic areas or test how well different labels perform from a sales perspective.


Simplified Product Identification and Tracking: Variable printed labels make it easy for your customers to keep track of products or equipment with serialized product numbers, unique QR codes or other unique identifiers.

 Depend on DLS as Your Variable Printed Label Supplier


As a leading digital label supplier, we can handle virtually any variable imaging need your clients have. Contact our label experts anytime for a quote or for questions about variable imaging.