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Reflective vinyl label tape is a specialized thermal print media. It is made up of material that is infused with light reflective plastic particles that makes it retroreflective. Retroreflective means that when a light source hits the material, it reflects directly back at it's light source, rather than being diffused in all directions. Additionally, the angled plastic particles mean that a light source doesn't have to be shown head on with the label in order to shine back at it's source. This wide-angle reflectivity leads to high visibility both at night and in the daytime.


 Benefits of Reflective Vinyl Label Tape


Reflective Label Tape provides a wide variety of benefits including:


Low Light Visibility

Poorly lit areas can lead to safety issues such as low clearance or tripping hazards. Reflective labels can provide necessary information and be seen even in poorly lit indoor areas such as dark corners, storage areas or hallways.

Nighttime Visibility

The need for readable labels and signage doesn’t stop once the sun goes down. Retroreflective labels make it easier to read important informational and warning signs and labels after dark.

Long Distance Visibility

Reflective label tape makes it possible to see your signs and labels from further away than traditional labels. This is especially useful for safety and directional signage.






Power Outage Visibility

Power Outages can quickly become hazardous and make regular signs and labels hard to see even in the normally best lit areas. Reflective vinyl ensures that signs and labels are visible when the lights are on – and when they’re out.


Longer Distance Barcode Scanning

Retro-reflective label material allows for scanning from longer distances. Additionally, the flexible material can be wrapped to cover the front and bottom faces of the beams. This is perfect for high level racks that need to be scanned from the ground.



Flexible Sizing

Create signs and labels in the size and shape you need. Reflective vinyl label tape is available in a variety of widths and can be used to print labels of just about any length.



Apply to a Variety of Surfaces

Reflective label tape is made of a pliable material with an aggressive permanent adhesive. This flexibility makes it possible to apply the labels to almost any surface, including rounded or uneven surfaces that would make the application of a traditional reflective sign difficult.


Reflective vinyl label tape is highly resistant to extreme weather conditions including heat, cold and humidity. Coupled with an aggressive, permanent adhesive it has up to a 7-year durability rating. This makes it an excellent choice for harsh environments.


Color Coding Options

Color coding can improve organization, streamline processes and boost safety communication. With availability in a variety of colors, reflective vinyl is an excellent choice for color coding labels and signs.


Labels You Need, When You Need Them

Desktop or portable thermal printers make it easy to print reflective labels on demand. Printing labels you need, when you need them can save time and money. Printing labels on demand decreases lead time and waste, and provides flexibility to easily adjust to changing labeling needs.



 Uses of Reflective Vinyl


  • Industrial Signage – Reflective vinyl can be used to create highly visible and durable industrial signs and labels for uses including pipe markings, OHSA signs, Arcflash warnings and more.
  • Warehouse Racking – With reflective vinyl, warehouse rack labels can be scanned from a longer distance and seen even in low light.
  • Loading Docks – Clearly marked bays and barriers provide important safety and instruction information to keep loading docks running smoothly. Reflective labels help ensure that this signage is visible.
  • Safety/Warning Signs – Keep employees safe by ensuring that safety and warning signs and labels are always visible.
  • Construction Sites – With reflective vinyl, you can be sure that important safety and informational signs and labels can be seen – regardless of lighting or weather.
  • Equipment Marking – Durable reflective labels ensure your team can easily find the tools and equipment to do their job.



 Your Source for Reflective Vinyl Label Tape

You can count on DLS to provide reflective vinyl label tape for your customers who require highly visible and durable labels. Recommended for both indoor and outdoor use, our reflective vinyl is available in seven different colors and meets ASTM Type 1 field performance standards.


We also provide a wide range of sizes and colors of traditional vinyl label tape.


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