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Linerless labels


In addition to our wide variety of pressure-sensitive labels that use liners, DLS manufactures linerless labels for you to offer your customers. Linerless labels, in a nutshell, adhere to themselves instead of using a silicone-based liner. With a release coating applied to the top of the facestock, these labels are easy to peel off the roll but readily adhere to the desired surface. These types of labels provide your customers with sustainable, cost-effective, and customizable solutions.


 Benefits of Linerless Labels

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  • Decrease Storage and Shipping Costs – Without liners, rolls can hold up to twice as many labels, leading to fewer rolls and lighter/ more economical freight loads.
  • Faster Application Save time removing and disposing silicone liners and reducing roll changes.
  • Label Protection - Release coating doubles as a protective barrier from chemicals, UV, moisture, and other elemental exposure.
  • Save on Waste Disposal - Minimize excess waste and save time discarding label liners in the workplace.
  • Flexible Label Sizing - Offer your customers adaptability with the option of cutting linerless labels to the exact size needed.
  • Safer Work Environment - Decrease slipping and falling accidents by removing slick silicone material from the work environment.

 Custom Linerless Labels

Our linerless labels are made with a high-sensitivity and heat-resistant direct thermal paper for excellent UV resistance. The proprietary adhesive, available in temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent varieties, is designed for adhering to a wide assortment of substrates. These versatile labels are available in rolls with a 1” core and 5” OD, up to 4” wide. 

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 Linerless Label Printers

Not all printers are compatible with linerless labels. Linerless label printers need to utilize special anti-adhesive features to reduce residue and prevent paper jams. Additionally, these printers must include a safe cutter, capable of cutting linerless labels. Our partners at TSC offer a variety of mobile and desktop linerless label printers for your customers to explore. 


Learn more about how to grow your label business by incorporating TSC Printers.


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 Markets for Linerless Labels

  • Retail
  • Food Service
  • Hospitality
  • Field Services
  • Warehouse & Distribution

 Environmentally Friendly Solution

As the world moves toward more sustainable practices, linerless labels prove to be an important asset. Since label liners typically contain a silicone base that doesn’t decompose, they can create excess waste and are difficult to recycle. With our linerless labels, DLS helps you offer your customers a more environmentally friendly labeling solution.

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By the Numbers, Linerless Labels:
  • Reduce the raw materials needed to make labels by more than 15%
  • Add up to 40% more paper length per roll
  • Reduce transport, warehousing, and material management costs by 50%
  • Reduce CO2 emissions and waste by 50%

  Your Ultimate Linerless Label Supplier

As a nationwide label manufacturer and supplier, DLS can help offer your customers a sizeable selection of linerless labels. For a complete linerless solution, we can also help you provide printers, printheads, and thermal transfer ribbons to your customers.


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