Diversified Labeling Solutions


Direct mail and business form applications. 


 Integrated Labels


A popular product with so many applications.

DLS offers integrated labels for direct mail and traditional business form applications such as pick tickets with shipping labels, medical forms with pharmacy labels and shipping documents with product return labels.


 Help Customers Streamline Their Businesses


The key benefit of integrated labels for customers is improved logistics. One of the most popular applications for integrated labels is a shipping label form. It combines a shipping label with other documents such as a packing list or invoice, making logistics more efficient. This saves customers time and money.


 Quality Integrated Labels

Integrated labels from DLS are specially produced to limit printer jams and other performance issues. Our integrated labels use the face of the form as the face stock for the label, but instead of a patch that creates edges that can be caught in the printer, our liner is applied across the entire width of the form. This allows for very tight tolerances and a very smooth, consistent glued edge so the integrated label runs through the printer without jamming. Also, the full width liner is less bulky than an affixed piggy back label or a seamed form/label combination. It is very cost effective since the entire integrated label is applied in-line at high speeds as the form is being created.


 Integrated Label Applications

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  Warehousing & Logistics


It is common for a distribution operation to use an integrated label as a picking document, pack list and shipping label. It is a convenient single document solution for both picking and shipping products.




Integrated labels are a great way to both ship a product and invoice it at the same time. In one document, the client has everything they need to send out an item and present a bill for payment.

  Direct Mail Shipments


At times, a direct mail shipment will need to be returned. With an integrated label, a client has the return label built right into the pack list, making it easy for the purchaser to return a product if needed.

  Pharmacy Applications


With an integrated label, a pharmacist is able to print important patient education information about the prescription as well as the labels that are applied to the prescription bottle or box. This allows for an exact match, making it easier and quicker to fill prescriptions for their clients.

  Marketing Departments


Marketing departments are great places to make an integrated label sales call because they are always looking for new ways to get effective marketing messages across to their clients. And, if they can get their message to ride free in a package that they know will be opened and seen by their client, even better.

 6 Tips for Selling Integrated Labels

When discussing integrated labels with customers, remember these talking points:





1. The most obvious benefit to a client is the fact that one combined document can do the work of two or more individual documents. There are tremendous efficiencies to be had through minimizing the activities necessary to pick, pack, ship and invoice products.





2. Because an integrated label combines all components into one document, operational errors are reduced, allowing your clients to better service their customers.


3. There are also cost savings related to the product itself. You only need one document so you save on printing costs. You minimize your inventory which reduces obsolescence.





4. If your client already uses a form/label combination or a patch integrated product, they will see savings by purchasing our in-line produced integrated label.








5. Providing test product is a great way to entice a client to try your integrated label idea. With the many integrated label stock items DLS carries, you can offer to provide some samples which they can run and see for themselves how the document functions in their printers. DLS will provide you with these samples at no cost.





6. Remember, with integrated labels, you are selling a system that saves time and money. You should be able to gain a higher margin; just be sure to articulate the operational savings your client will receive from the new document.