Diversified Labeling Solutions


Supply chain and shipping labeling solutions. 



 Stock Shipping Labels


Streamline your customer’s business operations.

Help customers streamline business operations with shipping labels from DLS. We offer an extensive line of stock labels for your customers with shipping needs.


In addition to the logistics of moving products from one place to another, shipping labels have the potential to enhance company branding. When you work with DLS as your label supplier, we can help you add value to a typical label order by finding marketing opportunities for customers who ship products.



Expansive Label Printing Capabilities

DLS produces durable labels for transportation, shipping and logistics for all industries. Our shipping products include:

  • HMIS Labels
  • Pictorial Labels
  • Mailing Labels
  • ORM Labels
  • D.O.T. Labels
  • GHS Labels
  • Integrated Labels
  • Shipping & Handling Labels
  • Inventory Labels


Thermal & Direct Thermal Labels

Many customers print their shipping labels using thermal transfer or direct thermal printers. Our technical team has the experience to guide you through selecting labels based on your customer’s printer and application.

To learn more about the differences between thermal transfer and direct thermal labels, read our blog post.


Fanfold and Roll Labels

Depending on your customer’s needs, we offer both fanfold and roll labels. Fanfolded labels are simply stacked on top of each other for easy feeding through the printer. Roll labels are rolled onto cores of varying sizes depending on your customer’s printer.



Preprinted Thermal Labels

Does your customer want personalization on their TT or DT labels? In addition to our extensive stock label line, DLS can preprint information such as logos and imagery in full color. These customized labels leave space for the customer to print their label through their own thermal printers.


Custom Labels

Does your customer require a shipping label DLS doesn’t carry as a stock item? No problem. Our experienced technical team makes the process easy and will help you navigate the creation of a custom label.