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Municipalities and parking authorities looking to streamline and economize their citation processes are increasingly looking to mobile parking citation printing, or ecitations. With mobile citation printing, users utilize a portable device such as a PDA or smart phone to send information to a lightweight mobile printer and print citations on the spot. These portable systems effectively replace handwritten tickets, leading to significant gains in efficiency.



 Benefits of Mobile Citation Printing

Streamlining parking enforcement with mobile citation printing provides a number of significant benefits including:

Decreased Time to Complete Citations

Relevant information such as license plate number, model, car brand, and parking location can often be scanned and quickly populated. This makes mobile citations significantly faster to issue than those written by hand. Enforcement personnel can more easily issue multiple citations to a single violator and can issue more citations per shift.

Increased Accuracy for Better Enforcement

Mobile citations can decrease the human error, poor handwriting or data entry issues than can make traditional citations unenforceable. Some systems are also able to save photos and additional information with the citation, further improving enforceability.

Lowered Administration Costs

Mobile citations help streamline parking enforcement and fine collection. Because citations are created electronically, they can easily be transferred to the parking authority for recording and collection. There is no need for manual data entry.

The Bottom Line: Increased Revenue

More tickets per shift, higher enforceability and lowered administration costs all lead to increased revenue.


 Mobile Citations Need to Withstand Harsh Environmental Conditions


Often placed on a windshield, citations are exposed to the weather, as well as heat and direct sunlight. This can lead to fading or discoloration, and unenforceable tickets. Keep this in mind when selecting your citation supplies. Differences in chemical makeup, media thickness and specialized coatings can all affect how well citations can resist friction, moisture, heat and UV exposure. Choose citation media that is designed to withstand these environmental concerns. If you are unsure, ask your supplier.



 Use the Right OEM Print Supplies for Your Mobile Citation Equipment




It’s important to use quality printer supplies that are designed to work with your thermal printing equipment. Inferior thermal media can lead to poor print quality, and potentially unenforceable citations. Using the wrong media can also create paper jams or cause the printhead to stick to the paper. Dealing with such issues is not only frustrating, but time consuming for the ticketing officer. It can also lead to premature battery drain and excessive printhead wear. Look for OEM supplies that meet or exceed manufacturer specifications.


 Custom Citation Media

Citations can be pre-printed on both sides with custom text and graphics. Pre-printed custom citation media provides a number of benefits over blank stock citations. These include options for including branding or standardized information. Make it easy for violators to pay their tickets by providing terms and conditions and complete remittance instructions. Add full-color logos or graphics. Or integrate security features such as watermarks.

 Marketing Mobile Citation Supplies

Parking and citation supplies are in demand with a wide range of government and commercial customers. Consider marketing these products to:

  • Cities/Municipalities
  • Colleges/Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Parking Authorities



 Parking Citation Supplies from DLS

DLS are experts in mobile thermal printing. And we recognize the unique requirements of printers and supplies used for mobile parking citations. Your customers can be assured that our OEM products will meet or exceed the specifications of the original equipment manufacturer, and stand up to the environmental hazards of parking citations. And, with our extensive custom printing capabilities, we can print up to 10 colors to provide custom pre-printed citation media with identifying marks or wording such as your customer’s logo, seal or payment directions.


If your customers haven’t yet moved to mobile parking ticket printing, we also offer custom manual citation booklets and payment remittance envelopes.


Contact orders@teamdls.com for more information.