Diversified Labeling Solutions


Custom barcode labels. 


 WAREHOUSE Barcode Labels


Barcodes that meet WMS specifications.

DLSwarehouse uses 1D and 2D warehouse barcode labels optimized specifically for your customer’s facility and scanner needs. 1D barcodes are traditionally printed on consumer products. They consist of lines and spaces encoded with data. These labels rely on a connection to a database for the barcode to be meaningful. Due to the accuracy of 1D scanners, these types of labels are great for both short- and long-range scanning.


2D barcodes require 2D imagers for scanning. These images hold much more data. Therefore, more than one numerical code can be embedded in it. The large amount of data in this small area holds information such as product name, product location, status, quantity and other useful information.

 Warehouse Labels

Our durable warehouse labels can be fully customized to streamline your customer's operational needs. From single-level barcode rack labels to freezer grade labels, we do it all.


Rack Labels
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  Single-Level Rack Labels


  • Custom location labels printed with variable data.
  • Laminated for added durability.
  • 4 color process digital printing means no upcharge for multiple colors.
  Multi-Level Rack Labels


  • Contains the data for multiple locations within a single label.
  • Great for applications without a long-range scanner.
  • Available in totems and A/B labels.
  Retro-Reflective Labels


  • Retro-reflective label material allows for scanning from longer distances and is perfect for high level racks that need to be scanned from the ground.
  • Wrap-around labels cover the front and bottom faces of the beam to make scanning from the ground, and in tight areas, easier. 
  Freezer Grade Labels


  • Suitable for temperatures as low as -10  ̊F. However, for temperatures below -10  ̊F, we recommend using magnets or PVC placards.
  • Water resistant to prevent peeling due to moisture and humidity.


  • Custom printed label-applied magnets are ideal for racks and shelving.
  • Easily remove and reposition labels without messy cleanup or adhesive residue.
  • Suitable for any environment, even deep freezers.
  • Magnets available in .030, .060, .085 and .120 thicknesses.


  • Custom printed labels applied to PVC signs.
  • Can be attached to racks via double sided tape, secured via mounting holes or suspended from chains.