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 The Advantages of Flexographic Printing

large runs & versatile Capabilities



Flexographic printing is a commercial process whereby a flexible raised surface plate is used to create print on a variety of materials. Besides labels, flexographic printing can be done on tag, metallic films, plastics, and fabric. At Diversified Labeling Solutions, we use the flexographic printing process to create custom and stock labels for our customers.

Versatile Print Capabilities

Flexo printing has many advantages. Mainly, its versatility allows manufacturers to create vibrant labels on a variety of materials. Here are some other reasons flexo is the print method of choice for most DLS label orders:

Varying Sizes – Our flexographic presses can print up to 20" wide. This means large format labels are possible or, for a time saver, many streams of labels can print beside each other at once.

Abundant Substrate Choices – Everything from metallic films and foil to acetate and paper can be printed with a flexographic press.

Versatile Inks – A variety of inks can be used on a flexo press including water-based, fluorescent, metallic, and UV-curable inks.

Cost Effective Option for Large Runs

The use of flexo presses means high-volume and high-speed. This leads to extremely cost-effective production.

High Speeds – Once set up is complete, flexo labels print at high speeds. This is enabled through the use of fast drying, low viscosity inks, precision dies & highly automated equipment.

Low Ink Costs – Inks for flexo presses are affordable and more environmentally friendly. Flexo inks provide vibrant colors economically.

Up to 20” Wide – This width allows for multiple streams to be run simultaneously saving the customer money.

Non-stop Material Loading – DLS has special material loading equipment that will allow us to keep loading roll after roll of material without stopping the press, making us more efficient and reducing your cost.

In-line Finishing – In addition to topcoats & laminating, turret rewinders, sheeters, and fanfolders are added to finishing stations at the end of the press, making the production continuous.

 Digital vs Flexographic Printing


As a leading custom label supplier, our goal is to find ways to be efficient and cost effective while meeting high consumer expectations. That's why DLS is pleased to offer both digital and flexo options. These varied printing solutions ensure that working with DLS, you can handle any project for your customer.

Flexographic and digital printing are two very different processes that offer significant cost and time benefits depending on your project. Here are some important features for each:


  • All shapes & sizes
  • Print up to 10 colors
  • Choose from thousands of dies in stock
  • Cost effective larger print runs
  • Wide variety of substrates
  • HD plates that rival offset printing
  • Exceptional quality

  • Any shape label with no die costs
  • Variable printing
  • Up to 8.7" wide (10" max media width)
  • Quality inkjet process printing
  • Laser die cutting
  • Great for small to medium size runs



 In-House Prepress at DLS

DLS staffs a fully-functioning art department in our Atlanta plant that finalizes artwork for platemaking. Our centralized prepress location is crucial for efficient operations as it provides daily plate distribution to our nationwide plants in a reliable, cost effective manner.


Our art department works to find and improve upon the graphics needed to make an effective label. We optimize artwork for your customers, including company logos. All artwork is imaged and processed onto a polymer plate. Gone are the days of film processing to make a plate. Today, all work is performed digitally. High definition polymer is the key to DLS’s economical plate costs. This is just one way DLS invests in innovative technologies to reduce costs and create high-quality labels.


To see the full prepress process with our Atlanta team, watch the video below:


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