Diversified Labeling Solutions


identify markets & Target new customers



Labels are important to most businesses. From product labels to shipping labels, many companies have a label need. It’s a segment of the print industry that continues to grow and change over time. As a distributor, it’s time to learn about label sales and the rewards that come with the business.

Finding Your Label Market

The most difficult part of making any sale is finding your customer. Thankfully, labels are such a popular item among most businesses, that it’s often just a matter of finding the decision makers within an organization you already work with or finding the right new customers. Below are just some ways to find new label business.

Targeting New Customers

For new customers, look local. Startup companies are a wonderful place to seek out new business. These companies have small budgets but need a lot of promotion. Marketing labels or new product labels are ideal. They are wonderful candidates for digital labels, for instance. Digital print offers customers on a tight budget the ability to print high-quality labels in small quantities. Companies with a new product rollout need new labels and label designs.

Know the Decision Makers

Who do you talk to when you approach a new prospect regarding labels? Here are some ideas on the contacts you should be approaching with your label solutions:

  • Brand Managers    
  • Marketing Manager/Director
  • Operations Manager    
  • Product Engineers
  • Packaging Managers    
  • Production Managers
  • Purchasing Managers    
  • Regulatory Managers
  • Warehouse Managers

Offer a Valuable Product to a Current Customer

Go to your existing customers for label business! Look to: marketing departments that often need promotional labels, product manufacturers that are rolling out a new product, or warehouses and distribution centers in need of new barcode labels. Add more value to your relationship with customers by offering stock and custom label products.

 Know What You Can Offer


Every label converter has a different menu of products and services for you to offer clients. At DLS, we’re proud to give you access to our array of services and label products.


Nationwide Label Manufacturing & Distribution

  • Four Strategic U.S. locations that produce both custom and stock labels.
  • Kitting, co-packing, fulfillment and mass distribution programs from all locations


Fast, Reliable Deliveries

  • Custom digital production ships in 48 to 72 hours.
  • New custom flexographic production ships in 8 to 10 days; repeats typically ship in 5 days.
  • Stock labels, ribbons and printheads ship the same day.


Significant Capacity

  • Over 45 label presses to provide on-time service.
  • Press widths from 5.5" to 24" to handle almost any size label or production quantity.
  • Production equipment redundancy in all facilities to accommodate rush deliveries and provide for disaster recovery.


Print Capabilities

  • Up to 10 colors, process color printing, UV flexographic, UV coating, UL/cUL compliance labeling.
  • UV and aqueous (water based) digital color printing and high-speed laser die cutting.
  • In-house graphic design, artwork, preparation and plate making.
  • In-line and off-line variable imaging for barcodes, graphics and other data, including international barcoding.
  • Varnishing and laminating on a wide variety of both paper and film label stocks.
  • Production quantities from 100 to over 100,000,000.


 Why You Need Help

Whether you’re working with one label converter or many, you’ll know that the selection of labels available is overwhelming. It’s hard to match the right product for your customer. That’s where DLS comes in to help you sort through everything. Our customer support and technical team is ready to answer all your label questions. We can help you find the right product at the right price.


Distributor Support

DLS offers unparalleled distributor support. You get more than just label products. You get value added solutions to help you increase your sales.


Technical Support

Use DLS as your only resource to find the best label solutions. We have over 40 years of label technical experience and always stay ahead of trends in print. We go through every detail of your customers’ label needs. Small details can affect the materials used on their label. The DLS team can order tests and samples to ensure quality while offering economic solutions. Our team is always on call to assist you with your customers’ orders.


Quick Quotes

DLS’s estimating team provides accurate, fast quotes to our distributors. Distributors can also sign up for Label Portal™ , our online customer portal tool that provides access to instant quotes through QuoteNow™.


Label Training

DLS provides training on all our products so that you have the knowledge you need to sell more labels. Training can be provided in-house at DLS headquarters or remotely.


Marketing Tools

DLS provides the best marketing support in the industry. We create valuable sales sheets, catalogs, samples and videos that can all be custom branded for your business. Distributors can easily request and download custom marketing materials through Label Portal™, or by requesting them using this short form.