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prime labels with secure print features.

The estimated value of cross-border trade in counterfeit and pirated goods is $1.77 trillion. In most cases, counterfeit products are daily use items such as healthcare products, medicine, toys and clothing.


Brand Protection Labels were created to satisfy your customer’s need to have unique labels that go beyond high-quality prime labels. Help your customers protect their brand's reputation and bottom line by offering a print solution that will aid in their battle against counterfeit products.


 What are Brand Protection Labels?

Brand Protection Labels are prime labels that have some added unique print effects making it more diffcult for counterfeiters to duplicate. This added benefit creates more brand awareness with the consumer as they will more easily recognize a fake product on the shelf.

Diversified Labeling Solutions will work with you and your customer to help design print features that are unique and secure. Want your customers to verify authenticity? Add a QR code to the label that will take a customer to their website and enter the product's serial number to confirm authenticity.

 The Benefits of Brand Protection Labels


Brand Protection Labels combine high-end prime labels with basic print security features. In today’s market, it’s crucial to have labels that meet both needs. The main benefits of Brand Protection Labels are:


  1. Influence consumer behavior by conveying key brand attributes.

  2. Stand out from competitive products by the addition of unique print effects.

  3. Easy-to-recognize (but hard to replicate) brand security features.



 Print Effects for Enhanced Labels


3D Feel Print

Raised ink offers texturized print and images for a 3D feel. The added detail takes label quality to the next level.




Extremely small print contributes to design detail while adding security measures. This feature is also available for tamper-evident tape.


Color-Shifting Inks

Like ink on currency, color-shifting inks display two distinct colors depending on the angle of view.



Holograms can be worked into the design of a label, augmenting its security features while dramatically increasing visual interest.



Add metallic foils for hard-to-replicate print security or add to graphics and logos for a captivating design.


Blacklight Inks

Fun and interactive blacklight inks engage consumers. Blacklight inks also add a covert security feature to any product.

 Who Uses Brand Protection Labels?


Apparel Brands

Premium labels with an added print effect protect the integrity of a business while maintaining brand identity. Perfect for luxury brands, footwear, handbags, accessories, sporting goods, and any company that prioritizes brand recognition.



Common targets for counterfeiters, electronics require some added security to labels. Counterfeits infringe on intellectual property and are a serious supply chain issue. With Brand Protection Labels, brands can continue to differentiate from competitors while protecting their brand reputation.



Custom tags with holograms or other enhanced features create an added level of security for jewelry retailers. Distinctive label designs elevate the product while protecting brands from counterfeiting or misrepresentation.



Fake fragrances are a real issue. To maintain brand integrity and consumer trust, more perfume brands are investing in premium labels with added security features. Knockoff products may contain chemicals hazardous to consumers. Brands can get ahead of the threat by securing their products with Brand Protection Labels.


Health & Beauty

The health and beauty industries are rife with counterfeit threats. Both brands and consumers suffer the consequences. By creating enticing labels that feature one or more print effects, brands take a step toward mitigating fraud.



The supplement market is estimated to reach $349.4 billion by 2026. Consumers are taking their health into their own hands. That has led to a competitive market for nutraceutical companies. To stand out from similar brands, premium labels with added security features attract customers and build brand trust.


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