Diversified Labeling Solutions


Rack cover up labels.




Cleanbeam is the answer to improving sticky, scuffed and worn-out racks.

Whether your beams have seen a lot of use or are brand new, CleanBeam will keep them looking fresh for years to come. With an opaque backing, your customers can apply our cover-up warehouse labels over existing labels and prior damage. The labels cover beam scratches and old labels completely without showing through, protecting against future wear.


We match the color and size of CleanBeam cover-up labels so they integrate seamlessly with your customer’s racking. 

 Effortless, Mess-Free Label Removal




Once CleanBeam is permanently installed on your customer’s racking, simply apply your location labels on top of it. When employees need to move stock or update a product, they can quickly and completely remove location labels without leaving any residue. DLSwarehouse’s CleanBeam is a great alternative to magnets. End-users can print new location labels themselves using their own thermal printers or have us print new durable labels. CleanBeam eliminates the hassle of scraping old labels off the racks, saving customers time and money while keeping their warehouse looking great!



 CleanBeam™ Benefits

  • Saves time and money
  • Move and replace labels easily
  • Limit risk of beam paint damage
  • No need to scrape old labels from racks
  • Great alternative to more expensive magnets
  • Keeps your racks looking clean and professional

 CleanBeam In Action: Video Spotlight

The best way to understand CleanBeam is to see it in action. See how CleanBeam works in this brief video. And let us know if you would like a custom branded version of this video to send to your customers.





The same CleanBeam technology can also be used for bins. Easily match the color and size of your customer’s bins and cover up old labels. Your customer may also apply CleanBin to new bins to keep them looking fresh. Simply remove old identifier labels from CleanBin cover-up labels and apply new ones with no mess or fuss. 


Reap long-term rewards from this one-time investment.