Diversified Labeling Solutions


A wide selection of blank stock label products.


B L A N K  L A B E L S  F O R  V A R I O U S  A P P L I C AT I O N S .

Diversified manufactures a wide selection of blank labels and floodcoated stock labels for all types of printers and applications. Whether your clients need a simple colored circle, thermal labels or laser and inkjet sheets, we can supply a solution to offer them.



Colored Circles & Floodcoated Stock

In addition to our large selection of non-printed stock labels, DLS offers many colored or floodcoated alternatives. Whether your clients need small colored circle labels, floodcoated thermal transfer or direct thermal labels, we have many styles to choose from. They are a great solution for when a client needs to cost-effectively add some color to their labels in addition to variable print.


Inkjet & Laser Sheets

Do your clients need sheeted laser labels? Then look no further. Diversified has a complete line of sheeted labels designed to work effectively in desktop inkjet and laser printers. Plus, many of our designs match commonly used Avery Dennison templates found in Microsoft Office software.

Thermal Transfer &
Direct Thermal Labels

At DLS, our focus area is variable imaged products. As such, we are a leader in the production of thermal transfer and direct thermal labels. We carry an extensive selection of stock labels in both roll and fanfold formats. We also offer both paper and film facestocks, as well as stock floodcoated label options.