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To comply with the Walmart RFID mandate, your customers must have their RFID tags validated by the Auburn University RFID Lab prior to mass producing and labeling their products.


This process entails sending representative tags to the Auburn Lab, who will then test and approve the tags. The following overview can help you prepare and submit your tags. We also encourage you to refer to the Walmart Playbook and Auburn RFID Submission Guide.

 Preparing for Your Tag Validation Submittal

 Who Submits RFID Tags for Walmart Approval?


A key requirement for validation is that information and RFID tags must be submitted directly by the Walmart product supplier. DLS’ RFID experts can help walk you and your customer through this process, but the actual submittal must be completed by the product supplier.

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 Source RFID tags with an ARC approved inlay

Walmart has published approved RFID inlays based on product category. Based on which category your customer’s product falls into, you can use this list to ensure that the labels you source for your customers use an approved inlay.


DLS can also help you identify the right labels, with the right inlay, and provide samples.

 Group Products into Like Items by Packaging Type

Group like items together to determine which RFID tags you will need to submit. Per the Walmart RFID playbook, not all UPCs from a supplier require individual validation. Instead, suppliers can choose one representative UPC (SKU) per submission.


For example, if a supplier has a line of 20 similar products, all produced by the same brand, with the same packaging type, same RFID tag and inlay, and same RFID tag location – all the items can be submitted together by using one representative sample.


Once you have grouped your items, you will use the Items Submissions Template (downloaded from the online submittal form) to provide a complete list of items that are represented by your selected UPC (don’t forget to include the selected UPC).


Multiple SKUs of Towels with Walmart RFID labels

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Tips for Completing the Items Submissions Template

  • Use the downloaded template provided on the Walmart Submissions website
  • Do not use any special characters
  • Remove the check digit from UPC numbers
  • Make sure UPC data is formatted as a number
  • Save the file as a .CSV (not Excel)

 Create 5 Sample RFID Tags for Representative Product

You will need five production sample printed/encoded RFID tags. The required printed information can vary based on other product labeling, but the tag will need to at a minimum contain the human-readable UPC, Item Description and EPC Logo.


Whether you are printing/encoding these labels yourself using an RFID printer such as those provided by TSC Printronix Auto ID, or utilizing our Service Bureau printing and encoding services, DLS can help either provide these sample labels or walk you through the process.

 Prepare Product and RFID Tag Photos and Videos

product photo with RFID label

You will need to upload a minimum of six high-quality photos and one video of your representative item. These images and videos need to clearly show the entire product and its packaging in relation to the location of the RFID tag. You can refer to the Photo and Video Guidelines for details on required content and format. 

 How to Submit a Product Sample to the Auburn RFID Lab for Validation

Submitting RFID tags for validation requires both an online submission and mailing physical RFID tag samples to the Auburn RFID lab. It is important to first complete the online submittal and receive confirmation. Upon successful completion of your online submission, you will receive your submission number as well as next steps and important contact information.


Once you have received confirmation that your tags have been validated, you can then produce your RFID tags in bulk, and affix to product that will be shipped to Walmart.

Step 1: Complete the Online RFID Tag Validation

  • Provide information for all required fields
  • Upload completed Items Submission Template (listing all UPC/SKUs represented by the tag being submitted)
  • Upload photos and videos
  • Review information carefully – you CANNOT MAKE CHANGES AFTER SUBMITTAL
  • Submit the form
  • Wait for confirmation and email

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Step 2: Send Sample RFID Tags to Auburn RFID Lab for Verification

  • Print and include email confirmation sent after online submittal
  • Send five production sample tags
  • Ensure that inlays for sample tags are not damaged
  • Do not ship any product or packaging unless the RFID lab requests it
  • The lab will contact you on the success or failure of your submittal

 Help Your Customers Meet Walmart RFID Mandates with DLS

As a distributor, understanding what your customers will need to comply with and receive validation for the Walmart RFID mandate is crucial for maintaining your business relationships and staying competitive. This guide has outlined the key steps to help your customer submit their RFID labels. While we cannot submit the labels for you or your customer, we can help walk you through the process. Our RFID printing and labeling experts can also help you with:

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Stock RFID Labels

To make it easier for your customers to implement RFID labeling, we offer stock RFID labels in a variety of the most popular sizes.


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service bureau RFID label printing and encoding services

Service Bureau Printing / Encoding 

With DLS’ service bureau option, you can provide the properly formatted and printed labels your customers need – when they need them.


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TSC Printronix Auto ID RFID printers

RFID Printers/Encoders

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RFID Label Training

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