Diversified Labeling Solutions


Vivid, attractive images and crisp text. 


 Prime Labels


High-quality labels that pop!

Labels are often the most visible part of product packaging. Therefore, it influences the consumer’s first impression of an item. Prime labels with vivid images and crisp text are the perfect way to help products pop off the shelf and stand apart from competitors.

 DLS: Your Prime Label Expert


Diversified is your expert source for decorative product labeling needs. We have a large fleet of presses, including flexographic, digital and HP Indigo capabilities. We can produce vibrant 4 color process work as well as up to 10 PMS colors. Combine that with our HD flexo plates, vast die collection, laser die cutting and wide array of materials, we can produce just about any type of high color marketing label, in both small and large quantities.



 Help Your Customer's Prime Labels Stand Out

Prime labels play a key role in differentiating a brand from the competition, and ultimately determining which products consumers choose. With prime labels from DLS, you provide label materials and finishing options to help your customer’s products stand out.


Vivid Colors and Graphics

Labels with lower quality printing and graphics can create an impression of a less valuable brand or lower quality product. Prime labels from DLS provide rich colors and crisp graphics to help grab a consumer’s attention. Additionally, our exceptional print quality makes labels easier to read, and helps convey an overall message of product excellence. 


Variety of Face Stocks

There are numerous options in label facestock—beyond just the choice of paper of film. We offer specialty options such as clear film, metallics or holographic stock. These can help labels stand out by providing a unique texture, finish or effect. 


Specialty Embellishments

Unique finishes and effects such as varnishes, laminates and cold foil can add interest and dimension to labels, create a high-end look or offer consumers a unique tactile experience. We can provide a wide variety of embellishment and finishing options for enhancing your customer’s prime labels. 


Unique Label Shapes

The shape of your customer’s labels can help draw attention. With DLS, you can provide prime labels in virtually any size and shape. In addition to our extensive die library, we offer laser die-cutting capabilities for complex shapes. 

Color Matching

Not only does color play a role in initially attracting customers, color is also a critical component of product branding. Consistent color helps build brand awareness and recognition. Additionally, it is important that color is consistent from batch to batch. Inconsistent colors can make your customer’s labels stand out in the wrong way. At DLS, we have all the tools to match your customer’s brand colors and maintain consistency with critical color matching from run to run.

Prime Labels That Perform

The impression that a label makes on consumers goes beyond simply the first impression in the store. The performance of the label after purchase can help determine brand loyalty and whether consumers will continue to buy your customer’s product. Product labels that peel or flake off during normal use will lead consumers to view a product as lower quality and be less likely to use that product in the future.


At DLS, our label experts will guide you through the steps to select the right label material, adhesive and print method to ensure that your customer’s prime labels will perform.


Digital Prime Label Options Including HP Indigo



In addition to our fleet of flexographic presses, DLS provides digital label printing capabilities. With DLSdigital, your prime label customers can benefit from:,

  • Affordable options for small to medium print runs
  • HP Indigo printing for vibrant color, clarity, crisp type and photo-realistic imagery
  • Flexibility to produce seasonal or regional product labels
  • Smaller label minimums to keep up with changing regulations
  • Variable print options to provide personalized labels, product variations or barcodes

Offer Design Services

There’s more to creating a label than printing! At DLS, we offer design services. DLSdesign is a fixed price graphic design program that allows you to offer clients professional, creative designs for their label project.


Consider DLSdesign your personal design team for your customer’s upcoming project. We are happy to work under your name as we go through the design process. 


Our fixed price concept development and design model is devised to make it easy for you to provide high-quality graphic design services to your clients.