Diversified Labeling Solutions


Pressure sensitive custom labels for all applications. 


 Custom Label Printing


Make Diversified your only partner
for custom pressure sensitive labels.

With our large fleet of flexographic and digital presses, along with our extensive die collection, Diversified is an ideal partner to support your client’s custom label needs. We prepare all artwork and plates in-house, allowing us to maintain tight control over cost, quality and speed of production. Also, since we can print up to ten colors as well as four-color process, the possibilities you can offer your clients are endless.


We also recognize that service is vital to your ability to gain and keep business. To that end, DLS distributors can sign up for Label Portal™ for instant pricing through our QuoteNow™ tool. Or, for jobs requiring extra assistance, our expert estimating staff can provide the quickest quote turnaround in the industry. Contact us today at quotes@teamdls.com.


 All Shapes and Sizes for Just About Every Application

There are many types of paper and film face stocks, all of which are designed to meet the needs of specific print methods and applications. That means whatever your customer’s need is, we have the label materials to get the job done.


Our fleet of over 33 flexographic presses can produce up to 10 colors, printing widths up to 20 inches and are able to create photo-quality images utilzing our HD plates. 


With DLSdigital, you can offer your clients high quality labels with impressively quick turnarounds and low pricing. With quantities as low as 100 labels and no need for plates, you profit from the savings. Also, most of our digital presses are equipped with in-line laser die cutting capabilities.


As a leading label manufacturer, we work with all the major raw materials suppliers and have access to just about any facestock and adhesive combination available to match your customer’s needs.

Use DLSdigital for:

  • High Color Labels
  • Short Runs
  • Medium Runs
  • Unique Shapes
  • Versioned Labels
  • Test Production Runs
  • Durable Labels
  • Promotional Labels
  • GHS Labels
  • UL/cUL labels


 More Ways Custom Labels Benefit Your Customers




Integrated Form/Labels

DLS offers integrated labels for direct mail and traditional business form applications such as pick tickets with shipping labels, medical forms with pharmacy labels, and shipping documents with product return labels.


Durables & UL Compliant Labels

DLS is a participant in the UL Authorized Label Supplier Program. That means your labels meet all UL standards and can be backed up with official UL certification paperwork in the event of an audit. Don't get caught with unauthorized UL labels which may put your customers at risk. 


Variable Imaging and Barcoding

DLS offers several methods, both in-line and off-line, to produce variable imaged labels with barcodes, graphic images and data. Plus, we offer both monochrome and full color imaging to meet your client’s needs. By working with you, we help to determine the best method of applying variable images and data to your labels.


Decorative Prime Labels

Prime labels are designed to grab consumers' attention with high-end graphics and text. DLS often prints prime labels in full color on the best label stocks. Prime abels are ideal for consumer products and nutraceuticals, as well as food and beverage products. DLS produces prime labels both flexographically and digitally.


Coupons and Promotional Labels

Help your clients attract attention to their products with our colorful line of promotional labels. They are an effective and cost-efficient way to drive sales, especially for special promotions and clearances. We  customize these labels specifically for your customer's specific campaign needs.


Warehouse Labels

DLS combines a thorough understanding of warehouse operations, barcode scanning and label & signage production to help you provide customized warehouse label solutions for you customers. Also, with DLSwarehouse as your partner, you can offer a value-added service that will make you stand out from your competitiors: label and sign installation.


GHS Labels

DLS UV ink printed labels are BS5609 certified for Section 2 and 3 compliances (Marine Immersion Label testing standard).


Our GHS labels are BS5609 certified for Section 2 and 3 compliance utilizing special UV inks. The media, text, coloring and images have all passed testing for resistance to abraision, UV exposure and sea water immersion, along other standardized qualifications. These labels protect consumers from exposure to hazardous chemicals and are GHS compliant.


Inkjet, Laser and EDP

Do your clients need custom sheeted labels? Then look no further. Diversified has a complete line of sheeted labels designed to work effectively in desktop inkjet and laser printers. Plus, many of our die configurations match commonly used Avery templates found in Microsoft Office software.



 DLSdesign™  Services

The DLSdesign fixed price concept development and design model is set up to make it easy for you to provide high-quality graphic design services to your clients. For a single low price, you receive up to three design concepts based on the information provided by the customer. Once a design is selected, you will receive up to three revisions to complete the project. The artwork is then prepared to look its best when it runs on our fleet of flexographic or digital presses.