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Imagine this scenario: customers pull out their smartphones, aim them at a product, and watch as the label springs to life, revealing a wealth of information, captivating visuals, and interactive experiences. This remarkable potential is brought to you by augmented reality labels.

 What are Augmented Reality Labels?

Augmented reality labels are a cutting-edge technology that merges physical product labeling with interactive digital content through the use of augmented reality (AR).


AR labels enhance the traditional product label experience by allowing consumers to access additional layers of information, multimedia content, and interactive experiences using their smartphones or other AR-enabled devices.

Check out an example of an Augmented Reality Label in this short video!

 How Do Augmented Reality Labels Work?

Label Recognition: The AR label is designed in such a way that it contains markers or triggers that can be recognized by an AR app or a device's camera.


AR App or Browser: To engage with AR labels, consumers require an AR app or a web browser capable of detecting the AR markers on the label. When partnering with DLS for your AR labels, you have the option to use our app, customize it as your own, or employ a dedicated webpage.


Scanning the Label: When a consumer directs their smartphone's camera towards the AR label, the AR app or browser identifies the markers on the label, prompting the activation of a digital overlay.


Digital Content Overlay: The digital overlay can encompass diverse content forms, including videos, animations, 3D models, interactive games, extra product details, promotional offers, and more. This digital content appears to be layered onto the physical label, forming an augmented reality encounter.


Interaction: Users can then seamlessly interact with this digital content in real time, fostering an immersive and captivating encounter that deepens their comprehension of the product, brand, or associated information.

 Help Products Stand Out with Augmented Reality Labels

Augmented Reality Labels introduce a host of remarkable benefits that transform the way we engage with products. Consider some of the captivating content types that can give your products a competitive edge:

  • Brand Narratives: Unveil the product's journey, introduce the artisans behind its creation, and share the dedication infused into each product. Strengthen your bond with customers by revealing your brand's authentic story.
  • Entertainment and Interaction: Whether it's lively animations, interactive quizzes, or engaging games, the entertainment factor ensures that customers keep returning for more.
  • Product Enlightenment: Empower customers with a richer understanding of the product. They can delve into its history, the meticulous production process, and valuable usage insights, all presented in a captivating and distinctive manner.
  • Enhanced Marketing and Promotions: AR labels open the door to innovative marketing avenues. Brands can extend exclusive promotions, offer discounts, and provide rewards to customers who engage with their labels.
  • Craft Unique Event Experiences: Move beyond conventional promotional materials and pamphlets. Leverage augmented reality labels to craft immersive encounters that leave a lasting impact at events.
  • Reduced Packaging Waste: By delivering digital information through AR labels, brands can curtail the need for excessive paper inserts and leaflets, contributing to a greener and more sustainable planet.

 Augmented Reality Labels From DLS

Ready to embrace the next evolution of labels? DLS simplifies the augmented label journey, offering:

Label Design: Our team of skilled designers ensures that your customers receive top-notch graphic design.

Label Printing: Harness our diverse array of flexographic, digital, and HP presses to produce vibrant labels that make products pop off the shelf.

Video Production: Skip the hassle of seeking and managing video production. Our in-house team of video content creators can take your project from script development to final editing and delivery.

App/Browser Integration: Prepare your content for the augmented reality experience with app and/or web browser capabilities. You can utilize our app or opt to license and customize it as your own. We'll guide you through the integration process to ensure your content is ready for customers.

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