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Stock and custom TT label solutions. 


 Tt Labels


Variable imaged products for a variety of printers.

Thermal transfer printing is a method that uses a ribbon with heat-sensitive ink instead of a heat-sensitive paper that is used in direct thermal printing. A thermal transfer printer has a print head that heats up and melts a wax-based ink or resin-based ink onto the media. Thermal transfer is preferred over direct thermal printing on surfaces that are heat sensitive or when long-term higher durability of printed labels is required.


At DLS, our focus area is variable imaged products. As such, we are a leader in the production of thermal transfer labels. We carry an extensive selection of stock labels in both roll and fanfold formats, in addition to the custom labels we manufacture. And, we offer both paper and film facestocks, as well as stock floodcoated label options.

 Custom Thermal Transfer Labels

As one of the country's leading thermal transfer label suppliers,we don’t only carry stock thermal transfer labels. DLS creates custom products for your customers. There are so many choices in terms of thermal transfer face stocks, adhesives, topcoats, liners, over laminates and ribbons. The combinations are endless.


Just fill out our custom label request form and our label technicians will determine the best solution for your customers. 


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