Diversified Labeling Solutions


From the experts in thermal printing. 




FOR automated parking garage and parking pay station systems.


Whether you refer to them as “Pay-on-foot,” “Pay-and-display,” or “Pay-by-space,” parking pay station systems offer a convenient and easy way to automate the parking payment process. DLS makes it even easier by providing both paper and film grade transactional parking media and print supplies, suitable for most brands of automated parking garage and parking pay station systems.


With five locations across the US, we can provide quality wholesale parking pay stations supplies at an attractive price, delivered in a timely manner nationwide. And we provide excellent customer service before, during and after every order.


 Thermal Printing Expertise

As experts in thermal printing solutions, DLS understands the critical relationship between the pay station printing mechanism and the ticket rolls to be printed. We provide high-quality stock and custom ticket rolls that will meet the demands of parking systems. We stock supplies for most makes and models of pay station printers, including:

  • Parkeon
  • Digital Payment
  • Luke
  • Ventek
  • Cale Technologies

 Parking Supplies That Perform

Printer jams and malfunctions can lead to significant pay station downtime and maintenance costs. They can also lead to improperly imaged receipts, incorrect charges and unhappy parking patrons. Quality printer supplies can help alleviate these issues. DLS’ parking supplies meet or exceed original manufacturer specifications, guaranteeing our stock and custom products will perform flawlessly through most pay station equipment. 

 Parking Materials to Withstand the Environment


The materials printed with parking equipment need to remain legible, despite a potentially demanding environment. Tickets are often placed on a windshield and exposed to heat, weather, or direct sunlight – which can lead to fading or discoloration. Our parking materials are designed to withstand these harsh environments. 

 Quality Stock or Custom Parking Products


In addition to offering “in-stock” rolls, we also have custom manufacturing capabilities. With our extensive printing capabilities, we can custom print citations or ticketing materials with up to 10 colors. Materials can be pre-printed with identifying marks or wording such as a logo, seal or disclaimers. We can also preprint materials to incorporate sequential numbering.



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