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Rapid supply chain and operational changes continually increase the need for streamlined and accurate data in warehouse environments. To keep up with these updates and make their data-collecting more efficient, your warehouse customers can significantly benefit from RFID technologies. Some advantages of RFID include no required line of sight, holding 100x more data than barcodes, faster reading of multiple tags with one scan, flexible tag positioning, and functionality for indoor and outdoor use. From this guide, you can discover the key benefits of RFID in a warehouse setting for your customers.

Accurately Manage Inventory

As your customer’s inventory shifts and moves around the warehouse, RFID can be used to find the exact location of their products. RFID tags provide a lot of data directly to their WMS including SKU numbers, locations, and quantities. These tags can also track the movement of pallets or single products throughout different zones or racks

Immediately Verify Data at the Dock Doors

By stationing RFID portals at your dock doors, your customers can instantly verify the product and quantity while passing through the checkpoint. RFID software can alert your customers of potential shipping errors, or items scanned that don’t match the intended shipment. In general, RFID can improve the end user’s fulfillment accuracy.

Efficiently Manage Stock

In your customer’s warehouse, RFID automatically records inventory and manages stock levels of large quantities of products that come in and out. RFID tags can also send alerts when over or under-stocking limits are reached. Your customer can get insights on models, size, product quantity, etc. Some advanced RFID tags can also manage shelf-life expirations and environmental necessities.

Automate Quick Workflow and Minimize Errors

RFID tags offer speedy and precise scanning, allowing warehouse workers to minimize time spent on inventory receiving, shipping, cycle counts, managing returns, and many other workflows. Automating these processes enables your warehouse customers to free up their time for other operational tasks. RFID also catches human error and ensures accuracy in data collection.

Track Parts and Equipment

RFID technology is instrumental in tracking the movement of essential items needed to execute warehouse tasks, such as forklifts, tools, IT equipment, etc. Your customer can keep a detailed chain of custody that will help optimize their equipment usage and manage loss prevention using RFID.

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