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It’s been a few months since we installed our new HP Indigo 6900, and we continue to be impressed with its capabilities. And because the HP Indigo 6900 is a digital press, your customers can experience these benefits while still taking advantage of options such as small to medium press runs, faster setup with no need for plates, variable imaging and the ability to print labels as they are needed.


 Benefits of Label Printing
with HP Indigo

The HP Indigo 6900 delivers high-quality printed labels with the widest color capabilities and substrate versatility. With unique digital printing technologies, color and ink coverage capabilities. Curious if this print technology can benefit your customers? Here are some of the benefits:

HP Indigo Label press

Appeal to Brand Conscious Customers and Designers

HP printing is sought after by the design community, corporations who take great pride in their branding and those companies that really care about how their printed material looks and feels. Using a label supplier who offers HP Indigo label printing helps you target these discerning customers. 

Salad label printed on HP Indigo

Print Quality That Rivals Offset Printing

When your customers require superior print quality, the HP Indigo is hard to beat. Every drop of HP’s ElectroInk is fully controlled to maintain very accurate ink placement and superior print quality. Additionally, the small size of the ElectroInk particles means that even the finest lines and smallest type stay sharp and well-defined. The result is sharper images, more vivid colors, and better gloss uniformity – with quality that meets, or in some cases beats offset printing. 

Labels are used as a 5s tool

Label Embellishments to Help Your
Customers Stand Out

Used in conjunction with our Grafotronix label finisher, you can enhance your customer’s labels with embellishments like cold foil, specialty varnishes, or laminates.

Vinyl labels used for OSHA compliant signs

Outstanding Color Matching

For color-critical customers and brands, achieving accurate color is often a top concern. The HP Indigo can reach up to 97% of PANTONE® Colors – in many cases without the need for spot colors. The HP Indigo is also designed with features like the built-in spectrophotometer to ensure consistent, repeatable color quality.

Vinyl labels used for Arc Flash labels

Enhanced Options for White, Orange and Violet Printing

Utilizing up to seven color printing, the HP can easily print usually difficult to print colors like orange and violet. And by incorporating white into your customer’s label printing, you can offer unique print options beyond simply white print.


Vinyl labels used for pipe marking

Unlimited Design Options for Customized Customer Experiences

Take variable printing to the next level and allow your customers to offer one-of-a-kind personalization with HP’s variable design technology. With HP SmartStream Mosaic variable design technology, it is possible to generate millions of unique designs from a fixed number of seed patterns and colors.

Keep your workplace safe with vinyl labels

Widest Range of Media in Digital Production

The HP Indigo can handle a virtually endless variety of media types, with the broadest selection of substrates in the digital print industry. Print on synthetic and paper substrates from 0.5 to 18 pt. And the HP Indigo print process uses a rubbery blanket to transfer a complete image onto the substrate. This blanket conforms to the topography of the substrate so the image mirrors the texture and shine of the label stock. Additionally, because the image is completely created and dried before application to the substrate, it is possible to have a very high print resolution and quality regardless of the media.


vinyl labels used for equipment marking

Augmented Labels for Enhanced Security

Help your customers discourage counterfeiters with enhanced security features. Utilize HPs microtext font that allows printing text and numbers that to the naked eye appear as a thin line or decoration. Leverage HP Indigo’s high resolution and print quality to print 2D barcodes which are up to four times smaller than standard barcodes. Using variable printing these features can create secondary serialization or encode data for verification and traceability. Or include specialized UV inks only visible under black lights.

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