Variable Imaging & Barcoding

Diversified offers several method, both in-line and off-line, to produce variable imaged labels with barcodes, graphic images and data. Plus, we offer both monochrome and full color imaging to meet your client’s needs. By working with you, we help to determine the best method of applying variable images and data to your labels with the goal being to provide you with the highest quality as the lowest cost. Often, we UV print, varnish or laminate variable imaged labels in order to increase their durability and visual appeal.  

For barcodes, we utilize electronic scanners during the production process to ensure the barcodes read properly, and at high speeds. This is critical for applications where the barcodes are scanned by automated equipment or at far distances.

And, because we offer both in-line and off-line imaging, no job is too small or too large for us to service you. We can handle virtually any imaging need your clients have so you can be a one source supplier.