Kitting & Co-Packing

As a distributor, the more value you can bring to your clients, the more you become a resource to them. They will see you as a consultant and not just a vendor. The end result is they will contact you early in the decision making process and enable you to influence the direction of the solution.

Three ways to increase the value you bring to your clients are:

  • Distribution: With DLS as your partner, you can offer a full distribution program for both pick & pack and full pallet shipments. All of our production facilities include distribution operations and we are happy to provide you with a solid program so you can sell more and build tighter relationships with your clients.

  • Kitting: For those occasions where your client needs to have multiple products shipped out at one time for a mass distribution or periodic program, let DLS supply the resources to make this happen. We are experts at kitting and have handled many mass distribution events. We will get the job done for you on-time, correctly, and at a reasonable cost.

  • Co-packing: Many clients would like to receive their thermal transfer labels and ribbons all in one carton. We can assist you by sizing the length of the ribbon to match the amount of labels in a carton, so your clients receive a perfect one to one match with maximizes the efficiency and reduces their overall cost.

For assistance on any of the above services, just contact our Estimating team at: and will work with you to set up competitive pricing.