WHAT IS DLSdigital™?

DLSdigital™ helps you build your short run business with rich 4-color process printing in ANY shape label up to 8.7“ wide (with up to 10” wide web) in virtually any length with high quality inkjet printing and
laser die cutting.

With DLSdigital™ you can now offer your clients high quality labels with impressively quick turnarounds and low pricing. With quantities as low as 100 labels and no need for plates or dies; you profit from the savings.


With our in-line precision laser die cutter there are no costly dies. That means any shape, no matter how complicated, can be produced literally at the speed of light; including perforations. You can say “yes” to those unique labels that would have been too costly to produce in the past.

DLSdigital™ offers a wide variety of face stocks, adhesives, laminates and UV coatings to suit all your customer’s needs.

Technology is quickly reshaping the label landscape and Diversified is leading the way with digital label production. With our fleet of digital presses, we offer you high quality process color printing on many different materials and adhesives. Plus, with our in-line laser die cutting, you can have virtually any shape label without incurring any die charges.

DLSdigital™ is ideal for:

  • High Color Labels
  • Short to Medium Runs
  • Unique Shapes
  • Versioned Labels
  • Test Production Runs
  • Durable Labels
  • Promotional Labels

We will be happy to send you a sample package showing the endless possibilities for digital. Just click here.

Have a client that needs help designing their labels?

Then consider DLSdesign™ as your personal design team for this project. We are happy to work under your name as we go through the design process. All proofs and communications will be branded with only your company info, as we are your silent partner. read more

See DLSdigital™ in action