Have a client that needs some help designing their labels?

Then consider DLSdesign™ as your personal design team for this project. We are happy to work under your name as we go through the design process. All proofs and communications will be branded with only your company info. We are your silent partner.

Our fixed price concept development and design model is designed to make it easy for you to provide high quality graphic design services to your clients. For single low price, you receive up to 3 design concepts based on the info provided by the customer with the attached form. Once a design is selected, you will receive up to 3 revisions to complete the project. If there is a change of scope or if run-on changes occur, additional charges will be added.

*Please note: we will not contact your client for any reason unless otherwise specified. All communications will go through you only.


Our DLSdesign™ team will work with you to establish the criteria that will guide the process of creating your new custom label design. Information will be gathered from phone interview(s) and a brief questionnaire. Through this process, we will identify specific communication and aesthetic criteria.


Before beginning design work, the project’s functions and goals must be identified. To help clarify these objectives, we first define your client’s target audience, core message and theme, as well as the company’s or product’s “personality.” This information will provide the criteria which will guide the design process.


The quality of the design and production should encourage conscious action on the part of your client’s target audience. Quality and clarity become both a form of promotion and an expression of the label’s goals. Our DLSdesign™ team will work in collaboration with you to ensure that all materials produced support this goal.


Following our questionnaire review and interviews with you, our DLSdesign™ team will create and present three initial label concepts for you to discuss with your client. The concepts will be branded with your company information. The goal at this point is to select one of the concepts for further design development.


Following client approval of one of the three concepts, and upon receipt of all final copy writing, the DLSdesign™ team will begin a two-to-three round presentation and review process based on the chosen concept. Changes will be discussed and agreed upon at each presentation. Each subsequent presentation will incorporate all changes from the previous presentations. If any jobs require more rounds of changes or a completely new concept at this stage, additional fees will apply above and beyond the original fixed price. We will communicate with you closely to ensure there are no surprises during this process.


Once the changes from the last presentation are incorporated, reviewed and approved, the project will be considered finished. Our DLSdesign™ team will send you a copy of the completed artwork & proof for final written approval and will also forward the artwork to our Pre-Press Department with all the specs needed to run the job correctly.

Thank you again for choosing DLSdesign™ for your creative needs. We look forward to collaborating with you on your next project. For more information please email us at design@teamdls.com and get started today!